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  1. j3rdinf

    The M1's Tactical Advantage?

    Capt. O: As a old WW2 dogface from the 3rd Inf. Div. (7th Inf. Reg., 3rd Bn.) must agree with your take on the M-1 rifle for combat. It was one fantastic weapon and really put us ahead in firepower doe Infantry use. Must admit though that I also loved my Thompson sub which I used later. By the way, I too am from (and in NJ). Just recently got back ro this forum after a long time due to health problems. Many thanks to all the old and new posters which still show interest in WW2 history.. Hope to become a regular poster once again. Ex PFC. Joe Fournier Red Bank, NJ
  2. Hi folks: Just wanted to tell you I am back online after my hospital stays and still kicking. Hi Rocky, Capt O, Fred, and all my friends and specially Marion. Joe

  3. Hello once again guys and dolls. Seems like I got tangled up with oral cancer about a year ago. Been through radeiation and chemo and hospital stays plus all kind of rehabs. Hopefully I may be rid of the cancer but not certain. It is good to see many old friends on the forum and also hope to make some of the newer bunch. Now I have to revive some of my old computer skill that laid dormant for almost a year. Feels good to back once again. Hi Fred, Bajaan, Stever, Rocky, Capt O, and many others. Joe j3rdinf
  4. j3rdinf

    Rocky featured in Italian Newspaper

    Hey Rocky: Congrats for making the international mews. You sure deswerve it. Just got back on the web after almost a year of treatments and hospitals but still bck on. Joe j3rdinf@comcast.net
  5. j3rdinf

    VE-DAY !

    Ah yes, May 8 1945. A great day to be still alive. We were in a small village in Austria about half way between Berchtesgaden (*our last objective) and Salzburg (our home for a couple of months). We occupied civilian houses during this time and enjoyed the comfort after battle conditions for so long. A great celibration for the wars end i n the ETO and prayed for the end in the PTO also. It was great to live like a human once again and plan to see another day safely.
  6. j3rdinf

    Prayers for Sarge Leo's Wife

    Fred: My prayers go with you as usual. I never stopped praying for her and you. Computer crashed a while back. E mail me your address. Joe
  7. j3rdinf

    Beautiful letter to John McAuliffe - 87th Inf Div

    Its good that not everyone in Europe forgets the sacrifices made in freeing Europe in WW 2. Seems like many of them have short memories.
  8. j3rdinf

    rifles and helmets

    Feeding your M-1 rifle...... Best buy I found is from Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). They have boxed and clipped M-1 ball ammo that is non-corrosive and boxer primed. Personally I think the sealed spam cans of clipped and bandoleered ammo (24 loaded clips for $ 60.00 plus $8.95 shipping to your doorstep) is the best buy as enbloc clips are getting pricey. 20 round boxes (non clipped) are a bit cheaper though but no clips.
  9. j3rdinf

    rifles and helmets

    Far as the U.S. went, rifles were sent to the Director of Civilian Marksmansip and sold to qualified U.S. citizens at a nominal cost along with matching ammo. I believe helmets and liners were sold as surplus. I have purchased several surplus M-1 rifles from the DCMalong with ammo.
  10. j3rdinf

    CIB Authorized To USAAF Personnel?

    If their MOS was changed to Infantry as required by CIB regulations and they were in a Provisional Infantry unit I see no problem in them recieving the CIB.
  11. j3rdinf


    Danny: Many thanks for adopting a grave for one of our hereos. Joe: 3rd Inf Div, ETO WW 2.
  12. j3rdinf

    Always - original WWI song - revised WWII?

    Marion: Are you referring to a song named "Always". First couple of lines : "Ill be loving you, always. Wiith a love that's true, always". The rest I forget half of it.
  13. No Marne. Cant possibly make the trip to the reunion but my best to those that can attend.
  14. j3rdinf

    National Airborne Day - August 16

    So lets have a Infantry Day also. Seems to me a lot of usual dogface Infantry Divisions had much higher casualties than any Airborne Division in WW 2. Check out the casualty figures. I guess we just had less publicity agents.
  15. j3rdinf

    Marion's Radio Interview - WVOX.com

    Well done Marion. Give them something to remember on your interview.
  16. Training should be kept as real as possible. Granted, a open field is easier but easy dont cut it in reality.
  17. j3rdinf

    Axis nations of WW2

    Seems to me that several South American countries were Axis friendly and aided and abbeted the Axis.
  18. Roque: Your right. That open field is a poor choice with both sides being wooded with much good cover on both sides. A suicide mission at best to be in the open field.Its time to dig in or get out.
  19. Just read the sad news on Papa Art. May he rest in peace.
  20. j3rdinf

    10th Engineer Reenactors

    Marion: I believe Mitchy is a State Cop and works shifts so it may take a while for him to answer. Glad you contacted him as I think he would be a good member here. The reply I just recieved from him was not in English as he was not home. Will keep you informed.
  21. j3rdinf

    10th Engineer Reenactors

    Marion: Just wrote to Mitchy explaining about forewarding his letter to me to you. I hear from Mitchy about monthly. Joe
  22. j3rdinf

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Anyone in any branch could easily get a CIB. Simply offer to transfer to a front line Infantry outfit, change your MOS to Infantry for good and qualify for it and become a Infantryman for your whole tour. Live in the dirt in a hole, no nice trucks to haul your bedrole and extra clothes ever. Eat K and C rations instead of 10 in ones or hot chow for long periods as per usual. This type of living was our day to day living, not a week or few weeks of it. That is why it is called a Combat Infantry Badge. And oh yea, we got $10.00 extra per month for living (existing) this way 24-7. Not just a occasional firefight but a expected continual string of firefights day after day was usual. No going back to your actual MOS for a change in living. Why was the Infantry casualty rate so overwhelmingly high ?
  23. Quote: "The 26th Infantry Division historian wrote, "The individual soldier knew little of what was going on higher up, and generally felt the whole show was completely SNAFU." Truer words were never spoken. When sitting in the pouring rain we started a chant :: "Lets get these men out of the hot sun and into shade".
  24. j3rdinf

    War of the World

    It is quite easy for PBS to downplay "our side" in WW 2 as they were not there to see what went on.
  25. j3rdinf


    Yes, slogged thrrough many cities, towns and villages om France and Germany. Believe that Nurenburg was a bad one. A total 3 day battle in that city with walls with in walls. Much house to house and building to building fighting. They just hated to give up cities and towns. Of course back then we didnt have the strict rules like are imposed on our troops now. Thank God, as these are stupid rules. We went all out to win, now it dont seem that way as we must please the enemy and to hell with our casualties in pleasing them.