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    New 101st site?

    Yes, the 101 A.B. fought a good war. However from Marions posting of casualty figures and days of combat in Europe it makes one wonder. No Airborne Div had near the figures of one hell of a lot of the just plain Infantry divisions. Along with the false claim in B.O.B. of capturing Berchestgaden also makes one wonder. I wonder if they will ever admit to it ??? As Recon 3-7-I once posted "evidentally if it wasnt done by the Rangers, Airborne, or "special troops" it wasnt done". Believe it or not guys, a small bit of the war was won by regular ground pounders. In fact, one hell of a lot of it. I just wonder how many other soldiers were at Bastone when they got their name in fame? But no other outfits were hardly mentioned.
  2. j3rdinf

    C & K rations

    Cant help but wonder how many other WW 2 vets recieved a short note enclosed in a C ration package or a K ration package from one of the packagers. I still wonder just how they got it enclosed. They were almost like a letter from home. Didnt get many but got a few in ETO in WW 2. Always thanking us. Allways wish I kept one or two as keepsakes. Even these short notes meant a lot till letters from home came. It was really nice of them to do that.
  3. j3rdinf

    C & K rations

    Parnell-H: A reserve G.I. on another forum sent me a few packages of the MRE's about a year ago. While a little improvement on the WW 2 field rations I bet they too would get boring. That little bottle of hot sause in them was the best part. So how is the hunting in Germany (or is there any for troops now)? Was great when I was in Fulda while waiting to go home at wars end. Granted those raebucks aint very big though, though tasty.
  4. j3rdinf

    Short Arm

    No manners at all, but as usual Patton had a cameraman with him. to spread his fame. Glad you finally figured out what a "short arm" inspection meant.
  5. j3rdinf

    The Greatest Generation

    Once again I dislike the term "Greatest Generation" . To me the Greatest Generation started in our Revolution and continued on till now and will continue on for each war or conlict . Not just WW 2. To me it is derogatory to those who fought and are still fighting for our country. So maybe rules have changed since I fought in WW w but the same spirit has not changed. Only that some stupid rules have changed for our troops since, and made it harder to fight and win. Sorry for the outburst.
  6. j3rdinf

    World War II Watches

    What WW 2 watches? Cant say as I was ever issued one. How about you Roque? Wonder who was issue them?? I had the same watch from civilian life. Maybe I just missed out on this issue of watches.
  7. j3rdinf

    Can-Do at Guadalcanal!

    Can Do was the official name of the 15th Inf Regt of the 3rd Inf Div. Check up on the Regimental Crest of the 15th Inf Regt. Well prior to the C.B.'s.
  8. j3rdinf

    Just reread my dads WW 1 diary

    Just reread my dads WW 1 diary. Much ink fading along with light pencill writing. If requested will post a few legible pages if anyone is interested in WW 1. If it doesnt copy good dont blame me. Joe
  9. j3rdinf

    European Military History Group

    Kyle: Welcome to the forum. Will try to dig out a map of our route which I have had since wars end showing our route through Germany after leaving France. My two favorite towns towns over there were a small town in Austria, between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg Austria where we were for about a couple of months at wars end and then to the town of Fulda Germany where I spent another another few months while waiting to go back home. In Fulda we billetted at the Bliedorn Kasserne in Fulda. Many pleasant memories after wars end and very good deer (raebuck ?) hunting which I enjoyed. Will repro the map when I dig it out and send it to you if interested, and it will show our route. Will E mail you if you wish. Joe
  10. Tried calling Recon yesterday. His phone in the assisted living with medical care place was disconnedted. Checked with 411 and was given the same phone #. Tried again twice. Disconnedted phone. Russ has not been on the computer for many months but I still E mail him, with no answere each time. Phone him about each month though. (he is in Fl and I am in NJ). I have his last phone # and his address in Tampa if they are still there. I have one hell of a time keeping tabs on him lately and have located him twice prior when he dropped from sight. So far, no luck and have spent hours trying. Any ideas??? Had the same thing happen about 3 years ago when my buddy from the same company "suddenly dissapeared" when living in CA. and never could find anything out. I dont know which "assisted living" place they lived at. Just the address. Any ideas???
  11. Marion: I am going to keep how the hell I finally got him quiet. Did take some doings but I stuck with it and finally got to him. I will call him in about 2 weeks again and maybe things will be better. I sure hope so. I couldnt even get out of him his sons name and address of phone number. Maybe next call things will be better. I'm afraid I had to "break some rules" to track him down. Took a while but worth it.. Will keep you informed if I can keep up with him.
  12. Marion: Finally chased Recon down once again and talked to him. Talked with him just tonite and he doesnt sound oo good. Also talked to his wife, Bea, and she is not doing so good also. Made me feel terible. He had moved and I have his new phone number and made him promise to call me if he changes his new address or phome number. Hope he remembers to do so. He no longer has a computer. Damnit to hell, this is the second time this has happened to friends. Kinda makes one wonder and worry. But I am glad I finally found him anyway. He didnt say too much and neither did his wife, Bea so that didnt sound too good. I'm heading upstairs for a double Jack Daniels and water tonight and a prayer at bedtime for them. End of report for now. Forgive me for sounding like I do.
  13. j3rdinf


    Marion: I dont believe either myself or my family used V mail for writing. First, one could only fit about 15 or so lines in a small letter. I really cant recall just where we got the paper and envelopes to write with but at least one could send a decent letter when possible. All mail I recieved overseas was in 1st class mail from home also.. All we had to use as a postage stamp was to write FREE. As far as ships or planes going homeward, most should have been pretty empty except casualties. Far as ships going overseas, just maybe a few less STAFF CARS and special goodies for the ranking officers and the likes would allow more mail for us. Mail was the MOST morale factor in the war believe it or not. (at least for front line troop). Believe it or not, more important than USO shows of which I saw none. Sorry for this tirade.
  14. j3rdinf

    The Longest Winter- Alex Kershaw

    Roque: Just different places in some of the same bad times. Same conditions though. Enjoy your 34th Div reunion.
  15. j3rdinf

    The Longest Winter- Alex Kershaw

    How true. This was not only a long winter but a exceptionally cold winter for all of us. The Vosges mountains in France that winter was very bad winter. Much frostbite, frozen feet and hands, pneumonia and the likes plus the usual battle casualties.. I dont think anyone in the lines had it good anywhere.
  16. j3rdinf

    Italian Memorials

    Roque: Although I was not in Italy with the 3rd I.D., having joined them in France as a replacement it seems like the 34th was left with the battle after the 3rd, 45th and 36th I.D.'s left Italy. Also some other outfits I believe also left. Must have been quite a lonely feeling. Just curious what other I.D.'s were left with you guys ?
  17. j3rdinf

    Just reread my dads WW 1 diary

    O.K. guys, will get my act together next week and copy a few pages of my dads WW 1 diary. Hope they are legible. Some dont make too much sense to me as some dates are skipped along with other things. But will try. Will try Pauls suggestions for better copying.
  18. Any one with true facts? My recollatiion is that they were issued about 4-5 bottles per mounth. Seems to be the way I remembered it. Our Platoon Ldr (Lt.) usually kept one bottle and the rest went to the guys in the platoon. Usually a few drinks for each of us. Did they stop this "officers liquor allottment? If so, when? It sort of reminds me of the cigarettes we had in each K or C ration, along with a carton of cigarettes each week when possible. I still wownder who paid for the cartons. Maybe it was taken out of our pay. Along with the few candy bars brought up. Cant recall as we rarely drew pay. All but $ 20.00 per month was in a allotment home and well more money than needed by far, which we rarely collected "over the table" monthly. Most of this "over the table" money was also sent home if/when we were paid. Come on Roque, think back a few years. O.K., maybe 60 years or so. Wondering just how long this "officers liquor ration" was in effect after WW 2 or is it still going on?
  19. j3rdinf

    Hopefully a new member

    Marion: I"m trying to get a new member to join. another aquaintance of mine. He is Sgt. Leo / Sgt. Hap (depending on his name here). He is a old WW 2 critter and we contact each other frequently on another forum. Hope he does sign in here. One hell of a nice guy with very much informatin that would be helpfull.
  20. j3rdinf

    War stories .

    Lennon: Just maybe the Russians had a better way of dealing with something like this. Seems like WE didnt, I am sorry to say. 10 years imprisonment at best for this massacre.??? Hard to beliieve when our troops now are punished greater for a lot less in Iraq and Nam.
  21. j3rdinf

    Churchill's V2 Worries...

    As far as I can tell, the Atom Bomb wasnt ready for dropping during the fighting in Germany. Also, unless used in centrall Germany it would probably be a threat to other countries nearby from fallout. It was a long time from "testing" till we had a couple "packaged" for air drop.. By the end of '44 the wars end was in little doubt in Europe. However Japan was another matter entirely.
  22. j3rdinf

    Ration Stamps

    A "different breed of cats" back then. We were used to hardships due to the 1929 Big Depression that lasted for about 10 years. So rationing was no big deal. Cant help but wonder if many of the newer and softer generations could exist with it. I hope we never have to find out. Can you imagine the 35 MPH speed limit to save tires and gas for one thing . The "A" gas stamp book for non-essential workers for 3 gals. per week? Even essential workers were closely rationed. Wont go into food ETC.
  23. j3rdinf

    New Guy, Gary

    Welcome to the forum. Probably a typo error on his 214 like you said. Joe
  24. j3rdinf

    More photos of 3rd Inf Div

    Roque: Congratulations on a Great grandson. No doubt you were the oldest one there. Aint too many older than us guys left around. You mentioned carrying fatigues. We were never issued anything but O.D.'s, but then I was not in Italy so it may have been different. But the rest is the same, plus a couple of frag grenades and a gas mask carrier (without mask) for personal things.. The gas mask carrier was one handy thing.
  25. j3rdinf

    Ration Stamps

    Al: Yes, I well remember the ration stamps for almost everything prior to enlisting in WW 2. I also remember os "farm boys" being allowed to get a small rationed allotment of .22 cartridges along with shotgun shells for "pest and varmint control" along with this. Also remember turning in fat drippings to get more meat stamps in the local butcher shop to buy meat. When comming home for a "delay in route of 10 days" prior to being sent overseas being given gas coupons from the local authoriies of rationing for 10 gals. of gasoline which the local gas station didnt take and just filled the tank instead. This was a godsend to my mother as I filled the car prior to leaving also..