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    How do us "old critters" spend the day

    Roque: My prayers go out to you both. Know what you are going through as my wife is also a cancer survivor from 7 years ago. Just E mailed you. Joe
  2. j3rdinf

    2nd and 3rd Armored re-enactment

    Kyle: Good going on re inactments. I continually get E mails from a guy named Mitchy from France whose group does reinactments of the 3rd Inf Div. I help him out once in while for help. If interested his E mail is MichelMITCHY@aol.com From what he wrote he is a State Trooper in France as of now.
  3. j3rdinf

    Radio Days

    Chuck 1926: You are "not out on a limb again" by any means. Believe it or not, I have recently finished putting on C.D. about 165 old radio shows from the '30's to the '50's. Cost me $7.50 for a month with unlimited access to over 5,000 of them. By now they probably have even more. Did this mainly for a good friend (a WW 2 vet) who has eye problems and cannot use a computer any more. But I too enjoy listening to them. If interested, go to google - old radio orograms. Believe it was something like RSC. On Comcast it takes about 45 seconds to get a half hour radio show downloaded in MP-3 or you can just listen to them. I downloaded in MP-3 so now I have about 80 hours of old radio shows of my choice on 2 disks. Without downloading in MP-3 you only get about 2 one half hour shows on a disk. On MP-3 you get about 80 shows per disk. One hell of a good selection of shows. Even the H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" , narrated by Orson Wells original show from 1938. Well worth the $ 7.50 for a month.
  4. j3rdinf

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    Kyle: Nice M-1 rifle. Now, while available from CMP get yourself at least a case (4 cans) of M-1 rifle ammo while still available. It is U.S.G.I. non corrosive ammo.. Comes in .30 cal M.G. cans and boxed 20 rds. per box.
  5. j3rdinf

    3rd Army is Born

    Must have been a nightmare of logistics. It is sure a wonder that supplies ever came to the troops. Keeping track of Divisions, let alone Corps, Groups, Armies and Divisions, and down to Regts, Bns, Companies and Platoons. God, what a nightmare. And the task of keeping replacements for casualties comming to the lines. For us, we were lucky to know where possibly our other companies were or maybe the other Batallions were, let alone the other Regimets might be. We just hoped "someone" had things planned out for us.
  6. Onaway 417: Milsurp). Dont underrate your service time. You guys did one hell of a good job and just as important as anyones. Glad you came over here.
  7. j3rdinf

    Operation Greif Commandos

    Again, this has gotten out of hand through missunderstandings. I was agreeing with the Sarge about some Krauts being in U.S. uniforms. This was common knowledge. I did not disagree, only stateing a answer from the other forum and agreeing saying it again. .. It kind of reminded me of the "Wherwolves" bit in post war Germany. Granted, undoubtedly there were a few, also some roumors, but again, neither myself or Recon actually saw any of them or their work. (I dont mean tthis in a sarcastic way, but as another fact). My first post on this thread was not in rebuttal but agreeing that we did say we had seen none of this. (in our areas). Hope this ends the confusion. I will put it simply. Yes, I do believe that there were some Krauts in G.I. uniforms, but no, I did not actually see any in our area which was many miles from the Bulge. Fred, I sure wasnt trying to "ruffle your feathers" and I know you werent try to "Ruffle" mine as some here thought.. By the way Fred (Sarge) the other forum sure has gone to hell in the last month or so. Almost none of the "old group" posting anymore. Going to spend this afternoon trying to track down Recon once again and if so going to give him hell for disapearing again. Got a few more "markers to call in" and will see what they come up with quickly again.
  8. j3rdinf

    Operation Greif Commandos

    Now lets just slow down a bit guys. Yes, myself and Recon did say "neither of us SAW a Kraut in a American uniform. So we just told the truth of what we actually encountered. Isnt that what iis wanted here? First hand info on what we saw? Never did we say it "it is not true". Evidentally from Sgt. Leos posting there were 2 groups of 3 or 4 men and this is not one hell of a lot. I will take his word anyday. So just figure out how many of us actually saw one of these "Krauts in American uniforms".. Sure, it did happen undoubtedly in small instances. But, how many of us millions of G.I.'s encountered it. If you watch the "war movies" it happened all the time according to them.
  9. I'm looking for a couple of books on the Briish Long Range Desert Group in WW 2. Many years ago I did read a couple of books about them but forget who wrote them or their titles.
  10. Veronique: Welcome to the forum. Many thanks for the great work you are doing. If you check my profile you will see my last name which shows my French name. 3rd generation American though. (Other half is Irish). I am in contact with a French person who runs a re inactment group of my outfit in WW 2 concerning the 3rd Inf Div.. Also have a letter from the Govt. of France thanking me for my service there in WW 2. Once again, welcome aboard.
  11. j3rdinf


    Quote from Don Burgett's interview: "No matter how intense the training it is very traumatic when the moment of first truth arrives and one finds himself face to face with an enemy he must kill. If that moment arrives in milliseconds one reacts to the intense military training and pulls the trigger before he has time to think or evaluate the situation. If the enemy approaches and one watches his arrival for moments or minutes, his home training since birth of "Do good unto others" is very strong and a mental wrestling of "do or don't" takes place, and could get one killed. Once past that first infinitival mental adjustment the job becomes easier. I no longer shot at or killed people, just uniforms. If one had a round helmet, he was a friend. If one had a square helmet, I killed that uniform, not people. Before my time in Normandy came to an end my attitude was that of the hunter and the rabbit. I was the hunter and the Nazi was the rabbit. I hunted him and he was running and hiding from me. I kept that attitude to the end. In returning home there is little or no adjustment of "Kill or be killed" that attitude is shed with the uniform and loved ones take the place of what had to be done. I never heard it stated so accurately and correctly before. Specially the last 3 lines. Of all my WW 2 local friends I cant recall one having any "post traumatic stress" that we could not handle without "counseling etc.". Maybe just having lived through the big depression "hardened " us a bit.
  12. j3rdinf

    Giving Hitler Hell

    Dogdaddy: Quite correct about the myth of the "Redoubt Area" in Bavaria. Either the Krauts put out misinformation or our Intel people guessed wrong. No legions of S.S. or any great amount of Kraut troops were there.. A easy takeover of Berchtesgaden and Obersaltz. Far as the jeep wire cutters. They were almost a standard part of any jeep used in combat conditions for years. Usually they were of "T" iron with a knotch near the top and sharpened, well welded and braced.
  13. j3rdinf

    Giving Hitler Hell

    Very impressive. However checking some dates and times and places some things just dont look "Kosher". No mention of his outfit. By the time we finished with Nurenburg (not NureMburg) few if any "snipers" were left in the streets or buildings. (Apr. 17-20 '45 was the Nurenburg battle. Also the so called "wherewolves" at wars end. Happens I was in "Bavaria" near Salzburg and little if any sign of "Wherwolves" at wars end that I heard about or saw. Same as when we moved to Fulda, Germany. To me most Germans were pleased they were in the American Zone of Occupation and few if any caused problems. They just thanked God they were in the American zone of occupation and not the Russian or other zones. Perhaps Sgt. Leo who was in Intel. can give a bit more history of these "Wherwolves" in this zone we were in.. Actually never saw or heard of much, if any "Wherwolves" activity during my stay in Germany. Maybe we were just lucky in missing the "Wherwolves" in our Inf. Div.
  14. j3rdinf

    Fly the flag on 9-11

    Naturally, in my senile old age I forgot the pic of the plates to be added to my post.
  15. j3rdinf

    Fly the flag on 9-11

    Flying the flag. If one can fly our flag in the PROPER way I am all for it. I can and do it on certain occasions. But not daily. No streetlights out here at night so it must come in at night. Yet I feel I am patriotic. As far as those that "more or less" attach a flag to their vehicles, leave it on till it is in tatters or falls off, still on the vehicle night and day, rain or sun without any thought. This is not right. Too many times I damn near got ran over in picking up a battered flag that came off a vehicle and was in the road. One other gripe I have is people putting stick on flags in their bumpers or windows of other countries. Cant help but wonder why they do it. Arent they Americans and proud of it? I do not fly a flag on my vehicle and will not do so. Instead of a flag on my vehicle I have my 3rd Infantry patch decal inside my rear window, and display my special liscense plates which NJ gives me free showing I am a combat Infantry vet (with a pic of the CIB, combat vet, and letters C..I for combat Infantry. ) Naturally to get these plates one must include positive proof of the award to the MV Dept. See pic. Many of us are patriotic but in our own damn ways. So dont try to change me. Sorry guys and gals but thats "MY WAY". Myself, my older brother and my deceased Dad were all combat vets of WW 2 and do things OUR OWN WAYS when it comes to being patriotic.. It aint what a person SHOWS, it is what a person has in ones heart. Nuff said.
  16. j3rdinf

    Discharge Papers for WWI Vets

    Onaway417: (Milsurp). Yes many did record their discharges with the County Clerks Office. I went to our County Clerks office and recieved copies of both my Dads WW 2 and his WW 1 discharges. Looks like he was in no hurry to do so as he was discharged in 1920 and did not record it until 1924. His enlistment date for this era was 1914.
  17. j3rdinf

    Dachau Liberated

    Not going to try to say who got to Dachau first but Munich fell to a combination of the 3rd, 42nd and 45th Div's. . We were told it was the 42nd Div that captured Dachau. But I have a idea that the 45th Div was somewhere into it also. Dachau is about 7 miles from Munich and had a short look see at it which was enough for me. Our 3rd Bn./7th Inf Reg of the 3rd was preparing for "Task Force Horton" which left the Munich area on May 2 '45 for a hopefully final run down the Autobahn to Salzburg and/or Berchtesgaden in Bn. strength plus armor, trucks and other vehicles. This was about 3 days after the capture of Munich.
  18. j3rdinf

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    Hey Kyle: Kind of interested in the German weapons laws now. Also the hunting laws. Seems like these bits are only for the wealthy anymore in Germany. After wars end in '45 " anything goes" for the U.S. G.I. while waiting to go home. Looks like things sure have changed for the worse for the G.I... You should stock up on the 30'06 ammo (U.S. G.I.) from CMP while it is still available. Cheaper than reloading. I have some M-1 E block clips if you need some for the M-1 as most 30'06 is boxed and not clipped. Damn shame anyone "deactivacting" a M-1 carbine or M-1 rifle.
  19. j3rdinf

    Introduction - Sgt Leo

    Roque: Could be mistaken but I think I dragged both yourself and Sgt. Leo here. I am sure I dragged Sgt. Leo here though. Same as I did with Recon. I hope to drag some others over to here. It sure is one well ran site with the nicest people of any forum.
  20. j3rdinf

    Wanted To Introduce Myself

    Milsurpman: Hi again guy. Good to have you aboard. At least here I seem to keep out of trouble. Welcome to a polite well ran forum.
  21. j3rdinf

    Other WWII forums

    Marion: That forum is not really that bad. Just two that are the snipers and neither does much/any worthwhile posting, just sniping at everone. I guess both myself and the Sarge (Fred) are both able to, and thick skined enougth to counter any of the attacks. Most of the guys are great, WW2 vets, Vets of any era, and those wanting true facts that History doesnt cover. To these, we try to post actual true facts as we saw them and lived them day to day . I feel our postings are well taken by most and appreciated. We know we wont be around too much longer but we wish to impart some true and actual facts for those who wish to learn and hear them. Even though we sometimes have to defend ourselves from " the snipers". As the Sarge once said, "constructive critisivism is O.K. but dont nit-pick".. By the way, check out their "profiles? ". One is not from this country and never served, and one "claims" to be a Vet, yet no true name or details about service.
  22. j3rdinf

    General George S. Patton

    Fred: Sounds like he just might of had a good side once in a while.
  23. j3rdinf

    The Oranges

    Fred: Welcome to the forum. I told you it was a good forum and you can see it first hand now. Keep posting.
  24. j3rdinf

    The Swing Years

    Mairion: A nice list of oldies he showed. I have about 200 plus of the olldies that I think I sent you on disk. If not, let me know. This new fangled "music?" just dont turn me on. Going to see if these will download for recording that Russ put on. I have some but will try the others to add to my collection.
  25. j3rdinf

    New 101st site?

    Yes, I also was "banished" from one of the 101 A.B. sites a few years ago. Seemed like I asked too many intellegent but embarassing questions and posted some embarassing facts with big name quotes about one supposed battle? of theirs.