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  1. My condolences to his family and friends. May he Rest in Peace with his friends and wartime buddies who have already passed on.
  2. j3rdinf

    How times have changed...

    Seems like the Liberal Loonies are trying to keep God on the sidelines. I still recall Ernie Pyles quote, " there are no Atheist's in a foxhole".. If I remember correctly each of the 3 Infantry Bn.'s in a Regiment had a Chaplain. One Bn. had a Catholic Chaplain, one had a Protestant Chaplain, and one had Jewish Chaplain. I wonder how long this will last at this rate. Also wonder if God was alllowed in schools would the school shootings (such as Colembine) ease up. I recall one Colembine shooting victims fathers answer when one parent said, " How could God allow this to happen". His answer was "God is not allowed in schools anymore".
  3. j3rdinf

    Great military quotes?

    Quote from S-2: " Reports say this villiage is lightly defended and has no armour so it should be easy". Famous last words to many.
  4. Marion: Somehow the language in the above post, along with some misspelling and the ultra detailed accounts makes me wonder. Even prior to a blank profile and your note: " Walt's Daughter Your registry was approved this morning. It appears you tried to register twice under two different login names?! Today, 11:52 AM Does make one wonder if authentic. A General knowing about a 25 man counter attack team?
  5. j3rdinf

    M1 Garand

    Yes, the M-1 rifle. Got two some years ago and I guess they mated as now there are 6 of them. At least that is what I tried to tell my wife. For some reason she doenst believe me though.. Same as the cans of ammo. They seem to have multiplied also. Must be something in the air around here. Twobisquit: Looks like a Thompson M-1 or M-1a1 with a 30 rd stick mag you are using.. (side actuator) . Great weapon and dependable.
  6. j3rdinf

    Vet reunited with duffle bag 63 years later

    Yes, if our "lost" duffle bage could only talk. Last I saw of mine was in a repple deple in France when a group of us were trucked to the 3rd Inf Div . Were told, "your duffle bags will be sent up to you". Famous last words and last look at my duffle bag. Same as happened to almost everyone. I kinda wonder where ALL these dufflebags are. Probably in "dufflebag heaven" waiting for us.
  7. j3rdinf

    Great weapons site

    Marion: I feel that the site shown, is incorrect on : quote: The initial contract went to Bantam, but their vehicle proved to be a failure under rigorous testing.". From what I read in several places, the Batam went through the test great. BUT, Bantam did not have the finance available, or the production line capeability for large amounts of production, so Bantams blueprints were given to Ford and Willys. However Bantam did produce some on the Govt. contract. Also, I find it hard to believe a G.I. Jeep could drive "for hours at a 4,000 engine rpm". I know that someone on our site here is "into" the WW 2 Jeeps and could check into this. Actually, I had two (at different times) surplus G.I. Jeeps in the early 1950's and loved them. I am not "nit picking" but just giving my opinion of who is the real "father" of the Jeep.
  8. j3rdinf

    What is a WWII Corps?

    Marion: Hate to tell you but most of us dogfaces didnt know what Corps, Army, or the likes we were in many times. We were lucky to know even what other companies, batallions, or maybe regiments were around. Let alone other divisions most times.. This was the least of our worries and could not be bothered worrying about it. This was left to the "battle planners" and the likes. Same as ammo and food supplies. Not our job. We just hoped ammo and food finally found its way to us. Same as tank, T.D. , artillery support, Eng. support and other supporting groups. We just hoped they would be around when needed, and usually were. We just took one day at a time and hoped these "battle planners" knew what they were doing. A "big picture" or even a small picture, we didnt have most times. Just a objective to take. That was our goal for each day. Corps, Army, never entered our minds. So why should we bother with "way above dealings" over which we had no control.
  9. j3rdinf

    MARNE's Collection...

    Marne: Some geat pics. Many thanks. Cant help but wonder how many are with us now. Where were these pics taken? CA. WA, or where? I believe the 7th was at Vancouver, Ft. Lewis and Ft. Ord during this era ? No idea of where the 30th was then. Too early for this "youngster's" mind .
  10. j3rdinf

    VE-Day - Where were you?

    Russ: Welcome aboard this forum. Seems like the 45th, 36th, and the 3rd Inf Divs. were almost like brother Divsions in many places. Looking foreward to your posts.
  11. j3rdinf

    VE-Day - Where were you?

    We were in a small village halfway between Berchtesgaden and Salzburg celibrating wars end in ETO. After our 3rd Bn, 7th Inf Reg. 3rd Inf. Div. captured Berchtesgaden on May 4th '45, and raised the American flag on May 5th ' 45 . We recieved orders to "get the hell out ". We left Berchtesgaden to the 101 A.. B. Div who arrived on May 5th and the tourist troops who flocked in. I believe we left on May 6 '45 to a villiage nearby for our celibration there.. However we left with many truckloads of choice drinkables which were distributed for our celibration on V.E. day. The war in ETO was over thank God. I guess our capturing and clearing Berchestagaden was not appreciated by some,. but, Ce Leguerre . ?
  12. j3rdinf

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Most soldiers are expected to have to fight occasionally. For the Infantry it was expected as a usual thing in day to day life when in combat.. Also the Infantrymens life was not like any other branch of service life day to day living. Read the complete A.R. Regs as to why ithe C.I.B. was initially brought about and read it carefully about WW 2. http://www.americal.org/awards/cib.htm One question: I wonder just how many paratroopers recieved a air medal although the pilots did when in combat conditions dropping them ??? Please recall that I was in Combat Engineer Basic training prior to all our training groups being transferred to Infantry training for 6 weeks . My combat engineer MOS sure was not Infantry MOS (which is a C.I.B. requirement), but my Infantry MOS sure was, and served as a Infantry rifleman in the 3rd Inf Div only, during my time in the ETO. Each soldier had a special job (MOS) at his time and this was our main and only job. Kill, take ground and hold ground. How about it Roque? Agree or not?
  13. j3rdinf

    Looking for proofreaders for book

    Roque: " No more comments from this old dogface. rjr ".. That looks like sound adviise to this other old dogface.. Maybe we will both stay out of troublethis way. Joe
  14. j3rdinf

    Looking for proofreaders for book

    Mr. GSD: I feel that first of all you should give us some facts about yourself, not a blank profile. While YOU wish us WW 2 vets to open up to you, and you stay completely out of sight.. So you toured Korea. That is all you stated in your profile. I dont think you will get many takers on this "one way street". Sounds like you need to do some research badly. Specially concerning about " him" being in MANY diferent outfits from post Normandy .
  15. j3rdinf

    Introduction - Sgt Leo

    Yes Roque, mud stayed with ones clothes. Here is a pic of myself (left) Johnny and Sgt. Ed Garow. Me, I couldnt stand to have my mud crusted pants tucked into my boots to chafe my legs. Even the sarge (on the right ) is mud almost up to his knees. No clean clothes for many weeks at a time. By then our clothes should have been burried or burned, not turned in when we got the used clean ones in exchange.
  16. j3rdinf


    Yes, the bombing of Dresden. Dresden had one of the few functional rail centers left. Also one of the few good communication centers left. Also many functioning war material factories making arms, muntions, and the Zies Optical factories. Also housing for these war plant factory workers. The maority of these war production factories were severly damaged and some slightly damaged along with the workers housing. True, many civilians were killled. Forget about it being a "historic place" only. It was a true Allied target to stop more war production, communications, and rail delivery. We did not start this war but wished it finished . Now lets check on the town of Lidice in 1942. ...... "In one of the most infamous single acts of World War Two, all 172 men and boys over age 16 in the village were shot while the women were deported to Ravensbrück concentration camp where most died. Ninety young children were sent to the concentration camp at Gneisenau, with some taken later to Nazi orphanages if they were German looking. The village of Lidice was then destroyed building by building with explosives, then completely leveled until not a trace remained, with grain being planted over the flattened soil. The name was then removed from all German maps.." This is just a small example of many happenings.
  17. j3rdinf

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Roque: Your first take on this was: " 3-7-1 Recon and my combat buddy j3rdinf, I will add my two cents worth. You both are absolutely RIGHT. I think the C.I.B. has lost a lot of its meaning. I got mine in '43 and after over 600 days combat with other medals I cherish my C.I.B. as my most prized possesion. How about you Joe and 371 Recon? Of course we are from another era. Guys keep 'em straight. This 83 yr. old+ said it. Roque J. Riojas Adios Amigos!!!! " What happened???? This is starting to remind me of the "gun grabbers" on the 2nd ammendment rights fight. Changing rules from what it was originally designed to mean. To most, it really means one must be a full time Infantryman in combat, under fire and reurning small arms fire as a usual happening. It also meant recieving $ 10.00 per month (in WW 2) which would show in ones pay record if qualified. Granted, some other non-infantry outfits did see some combat as is expected. But their main job and MOS at the time was not a Infantry MOS.. Their job mainly was not "to take and hold ground" as was a combat infantrymans job day to day was, but to act as support and possibly occasionally fighting which is expected of most soldiers in wartime. Next it may be the Transportation outfits who were straffed by planes and shot back. Or with the Combat Medics Badge, those in rear hospitals who were shelled or bombed will want the CMB. Where does it end. Also, living conditions for combat infantrymen were usually quite different from other branches. Dont cheapen the CIB, leave it for just what it was awarded for. COMBAT INFANTRYMEN. WHO DID THIS AS A DAY TO DAY JOB. NOT A OCCASIONAL HAPPENING.. By the way, as most platoons and squads were usually short of replacements we had many openings that could be transferred into if one wished to be a infantryman and get a CIB the hard way. So go ahead and "flame" me. It is just the way I feel about it. I guess I am going to catch hell now.
  18. j3rdinf

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Roque: Lets hear from you.
  19. j3rdinf

    Great military quotes?

    On arival to the 3rd Infantry Div. in France as a replacement was told, : "you have not been sent here to be killed but to kill.. Dont forget it. " Never did hear any "rules of engagement" crap. Marion: did take me 3 days to get back on the forum finally. Was about to give up but the last try did it. I guess that when you changed my password it finally worked eventually.
  20. j3rdinf

    Terrible way to go in WWII

    Not to be fresh and outspoken but never saw a guy in a foxhole with a magnetic mine available. It was just one way of of killing a enemy soldier among many other ways. Ce Le Guerre..
  21. I did not mean that posting to be caustic at all. I feel it was taken the wrong way. However if my posts offend anyone let me know and will cease them. And yes, I too have gone through a bad time. My wife had foot surgery, son came back from the hospital last weekafter a bad heart attack and I have to help him also,, one hell of a bad snow/ice storm here and found out I am allergic (bad reaction) to medication for bum shoulder rotor cup.
  22. O.K. , so the spelling is wro ng after over 60 years or so. Take 3 points away from me. No. Didnt need the 101 to O.K. it as we had it capured and cleared a day prior ot the 101 entering it as tourists. So give me a failing mark in spelling. When one is past the 8 decade mark, fingers and brain dont always work properly.
  23. j3rdinf

    Donald Trump

    Roque: Yea, know just how you felt. No greeting band, no doughnuts and coffee. We who came home and left our Division over there as "single survivors" had no true greetings. Did not really expect it and did not let it bother me. I was HOME, and that is what counted most. Just picked up my life and went on with it like most of us did.. We did our job, got "paid " for it and went about another life. No regrets really.
  24. God bless those Combat Medics. Actually never saw a bad one or one who lacked guts. They were our first line between the wounded and seeing God. Granted, it was usually only temporary heavy duty first aid, which was of prime importance until further medical attention could take over. They were the guys you didnt want to pizz off in the least.. They sure got a dirty deal when they couldnt recieve the CIB and had wait till later in the war when the CMB was authorized. Adding a pic of 2 of those finest "Docs" we had in our companies of the 3rd Bn 7th Inf 3rdInf Div with some of the guys . Look kinda young dont they, but both well experienced..
  25. j3rdinf

    Sarge won't be here

    Fred: Will miss your postings but will still keep in touch with you as usual. Come back when you can though..