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    Wixom, mi.
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    My family and friends<br />my church<br />My new so called home and the enjoyment of re-doing the inside. 4 years and running.<br />Hoping to get back to finnishing my Mayflower boat model so I can get going on my B-17G flying fortress model. With a wing span of 45 inches I have no idea where to put it. I hope I have enough time for that.<br /><br />My last interest is probably staying around long enough to cause more turmoil on Marion's webb. How does that grab you Mare. Thanks for everything.

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  1. chucktoo

    Farewell to Patti Page

    Patti Page___Doris Day We'll never hear the likes of them again. Todays crowd, bunch of imposters. Here today/gone tomorrow. chucktoo
  2. Hi there. Don't really know if I answered the get well wishes or not. Last year was a looser for me. Not my bout with cancer, but with the little things. Most of it due,no doubt,to memory disorders. I'm doing fantastic health wize, so the Drs. say. I gave up 30 lbs. but have regained most of them back. I was proud that I had never been in a hospital or been on any prescripions. I came within a few days of loosing it all. But,HEY!,,,,, Here I am still shooting for 100. Just like Rocky, somebody up the must like me. I'll try to be more attentive in the future. My paster says "more things happen through prayer, than anything else" Mare,,, Your new format is a little tricky, but give me time, and I'll find my way around. Thanks to all for your well-wishes, chucktoo
  3. chucktoo

    check your sources

    Just wanted to clear up somrthing that has been around & around the internet. A long time ago I was taught a good lessen by ----- Walt's Daughter. She pulled no punches. And that was to not go off 1/2cocked and foreward false info. Mare said; "check it out,,,, Go to Snopes" If every one who reads this, would tell their contacts to "Ckeck it out first with Snpoes" we could put some of there "wackos" out of busness chucktoo
  4. chucktoo

    I'm here

    Hey Caryl,,,,, Not so fast! What did you do at Chanute. I didn't know the field was still open. When I was there, they had the mess halls in old hanger buildings. I learned one thing on mess duty. I would stand in front of a case of eggs. on either side of me were large pans. I took an egg in each hand, cracked them on on the pan edges, bumped the eggs and tossed the shells. After a while, we became very proficient at the routine. At that time,,,, the #1 song of that time was "You gotta accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative", by Bing Crosby. Oh yeah! Being in the Air Corps,,, They had Pilots, Co-Pilots, and Navigators. Navigators cleared food off the trays, Co-Pilots put the trays into the dish washer, and the Pilots took them out. We did also learn a few things about electronics while there. Me with Vaccum tubes,? you with transisters. What a leap! Take care chucktoo
  5. chucktoo


    That's good Mare Made it much higher the first time, on your site, Up to sgt. now This is what I came out as in the service. Just leave me as sgt.
  6. chucktoo

    Our best friend

    Vee How do you do it? Here in America we have Washington, from the Top to bottom, tearing our country down,,,, and from way over there in France there stands a gal who sees only the best in us. You say the things that we think of but never say. So many never made it home, but with all your deeds, you honor them well God bless America and God bless you From all us little people, we give you a big hand XXXXX chucktoo
  7. chucktoo

    I'm here

    Thanks for welcoming me back. Almost 86 now and things sort of get away from me. Still don't take any preventative drugs, so I may just see 100 some day. Capt(major) you ask what I was in during the war(WWWII) Well I've had a hard time explaining my path many times, and I'm not too sure anyone really understood. I enlisted in Air Corp.when in High School and went in July 7 44. Did my basics at Sheppard Field,Tx. They used a very calculated procedure to place us where needed. Each barracks held 100 men. The 50 upstairs went to radio operators school. The 50 downstairs(including me) went to radio mechanics school Truax Field in Madison,Wisc. On to Chenute Field Ill. for introduction into Radar. Down to Boca Raton field Fl. for airborn radar. Just as our training was completed, the war in Europe ended and there was the dilema. What to do with these guys. So they shipped us off to Signal Corp. in New Jersey for ship board radar. On completion of training, we were loaned out to the Transportation Corp and shipped down to New Orleans and shipped out as radar crew on ships taking supplies over to Europe and bringing back soldiers for seperationfrom service. i sailed on the Rollins Victory to Marseille France, The Alexander to Le Havre,France, The Holbrook to Bremerhave,Ger. and South Hampton England. my las crossing was to bring back War Brides. The strangest of all was on our seperation. We were asked what arm we would like to be discharged from. The Air Corp,,, Signal corp,,,, or Transportation Corp. Any doubt about our choice. We were also asked if we would consider going to the Merchant Marines as radar crews. Can't say as I saw anyone stay behind. Now,,, I ask you,,, does that sound true?. I sometimes wondered if the Brass wanted me, would they know,or cared, where I was. That was my two years in the military. The only enemy i ever saw was when I,and the two other guys in my crew, were standing in line at a movie house and when the FOG lifted, we were in the middle of a group of German prisoners. They were happy where they were. Well Sir, you asked the question, If I put you to sleep, I'm sorry'chucktoo
  8. Good to hear from you again Chuck!!

  9. chucktoo

    I'm here

    I'll make this a short one. This is my 3rd attempt to get my message out. Seems as though it has taken on a mind of it's own, and cut my messages off. All of a sudden Everything is wiped clean and I'm back to my home page. Before it has a chance to do it again,,,,,MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A COOL YULE. GOD BLESS AMERICA I'll try again to tell you all of the many earth shattering things I have to pass on. Mare,,,, You haven't installed a glitch in your program that penalizes us who take too much time saying what is on our minds. there's not a whole lot there. we have to get it out. space is limited. better quit while i'm ahead chucktoo
  10. chucktoo

    Happy birthday Chucktoo!

    thanks everyone! Where does the time go. A few years back, time seamed so slow that the second hand barely kept ahead of the minute hand,,,, now time is keeping up with the bath tissue. But HEY! as of now, I've got a darn good shot for 100. That is if I really want it Vee. Our prayers are with you. from across the pond
  11. chucktoo

    Where is VEE??

    I'm really sorry that I mentioned my woe . This is about you Vee. We all care deeply how you & family are doing. For someone to hold the U.S. as high as you do, especially when some of us are so bent on showing our bad side, shows me that you are "super special". God knows you well, and holds you in the palm of his hand. HUGS chuck
  12. chucktoo

    Where is VEE??

    Ive been away a while, and when I do come on,I find you & family are in need. Today we are saying goodbye to my 3rd brother, but in my prayers I'll be thinking of you and family,Vee. You are in GOD's arms as well as ours. Take care chuck
  13. chucktoo

    keeping GOD in the USA

    A while back I received an email requesting us to write on our postal envelopes this phrase " IN GOD WE TRUST ". That I am doing, but why not add it to our emails as well. If there is a way of automatically placing the phrase on our emails, please let us know,,,, before they start chiseling it off our buildings and monuments; AND MONEY !!!Let's do it chuck IN GOD WE TRUST
  14. chucktoo

    Victory Day in Europe 1945, 8 May !

    Thank you Vee, for remembering. Can you believe it?. 65 years. No mention of it on my wall calendar, and I'll be waiting to see if the **** networks will mention it. GOD BLESS AMERICA< AND OUR FRIEND FROM FRANCE. chucktoo
  15. My way of saying "Thank you Vee" chuck