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  1. mistykinz

    Trying to find information on a POW

    Thank you all so much! I am excited at all the little bits of information. Larry, I dont have any information other than what I've posted. I know there is another relative that may or may not have information, although he is in very poor health. I will write to him to see if he has any information. Thank you for your research!!!!
  2. mistykinz

    Trying to find information on a POW

    Thank you Mary Anne! So, he was in a "hospital" in a concentration camp. That's the definition of IRONY. I was just looking at a website of soldiers accounts of their service during WWII. One Soldier said that his plane was brought down and he was captured by the Germans. They marched him (and other POWs) to a concentration camps where they watched them kill Jews to make room for the POWs. He said they were sceduled to be killed but were rescued by the allies in 1945. I am very sorry how some soldiers are treated. I want to say to all of you that I adore and appreciate you so much!!! Just last week we parked behind a car at the Post Office that had bumper stickers all over it that said, "WWII Paratrooper" When the gentleman got out of his car I wanted to jump out and give him a huge hug and a big thank you...but I lost my nerve! So I'll give it to all of you Veterans now..."THANK YOU!!" Misty
  3. I have one more research question for all you knowledgable folks out there!!! My husbands Grandfather and Great Uncle were in the Marines in WWII. Hi Great Uncle was Tadeus J Kinczkowski. Buried at Sea by Administrative Decision Name: Tadeus J Kinczkowski Date of Loss: 23 Nov 1943 0 Branch: U.S. Marine Corps Rank: PVT Service Number: 444519 STATUS: Lost at Sea After a little research I found that the Marines in Nov. 1943 lead a huge amphibius assult on an Island in the Pacific which lead to a lot of controversy because the American people didn't think the small Island was worth the losses. Its around the same time of his death...but not sure if he was a part of this or not. I am currently trying to get his information for the National Archives Site. I know this is for the Corps of Engineers...but you all seem so informative, I thought you may have some info Thanks (AGAIN) Misty
  4. Hi everyone! I've been doing some research on my family tree. One night I was talking to my husband's grandmother and she, in passing, mentioned when one of her cousins was brought back home from over seas after having been killed during WWII. All she could remember was that the honor guard was so still that she just itched to pinch one of them to see if they were real. I did some research on ancestry.com and this is what I found on him: Name: Barney G Sandretto Residence State: Michigan Report Date: 20 Feb 1943 Latest Report Date: 22 Feb 1943 Grade: Technician 5th Grade Service Branch: Army Arm or Service: Corps of Engineers Arm or Service Code: Corps Of Engineers Area Served: North African Theatre: Tunisia Detaining Country: Germany Camp: Lazarett Unstated STATUS: Died as Prisoner of War, Not Above Cases Report Source: Individual has been reported through sources considered official. and: Name: Barney G Sandretto Gender: Male Race: White Religion: Catholic Cemetery Name: Michigan Disposition: According to next of kin Service Branch: Army Rank: Technician Fifth Grade Service Number: 36125930 I'm not too sure what all the codes mean...but I did try to look some of it up and I think it means that he died by unnatural causes as a POW. Does anyone have any information they can share??