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  1. rennog

    38th Engineer General Service Regiment

    The monument from the 2nd photo is in Utah beach.
  2. rennog

    We Were Soldiers

    What a coincidence I bought a new Tv yesterday and the first movie I watched on it was We were soldiers and I love that song too and thx to you I can listen it on my pc now. Thanks again
  3. Dear Joe please hang in there we need you here, I'll keep my finger crossed for your wife and your son.
  4. rennog

    St Mere Eglise

    Great photos Vero and I agree 300% with you Vero thanks to Marion we can read stories you won't find in books.
  5. rennog

    a note from Kyle

    Ah good to read he's ok
  6. Wow vero that's great you know I'm making inquiries for my friend Tom from NH and it's realy hard to find anything after so a long time. I have a question Vero what is this association we don't have such an asso here in Lux well as far as I know tell me more about would you.
  7. rennog

    Spitfires in Action

    Watch this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQ5Py-Kih-4...related&search=
  8. rennog

    War Birds

    Hi folks, a by mistake I deleted the photo album yesterday and now that upper link doesn't work anymore, but this one will work: http://new.photos.yahoo.com/album?c=rennog...1031723&.src=ph
  9. rennog

    War Birds

    http://new.photos.yahoo.com/rennog1/album/...388656719#page1 Maybe your guy like's the photos
  10. I has been in Normandy quite often but never in Carentan, I'm going to Normandy in June and this time I will visit Carentan that's for sure
  11. rennog

    In Hitler's Bunker - Armin D. Lehmann

  12. Merci vero pour ces jolie fotos.
  13. rennog

    Sarge won't be here

    Well Im very sad about his decision but we have to respect that. I do not pray much in the church, but for myself I light some candles in my living room and think about the past and the now. Well I will light a big candle for your wife and you and pray you'll be back. Thank you Sarge I hope their's a coming soon. Martin from Luxembourg
  14. A good photos vero thank you for them
  15. Great pic's vero I always like those then and now pic's do you have more?
  16. rennog

    Britain pays off war-debt

    You're right and maybe we over here would only speek one language namely german however thank god to the brit's and to Ami's we're a free poeple I thank you for that By the way I'm going to England in july to an Airshow at Fairford Fairford is an American B52 airbase and there is held all years the biggest Airshow in Europe. Ah I can't await my first brown ale in that pub near the Swindon station
  17. rennog

    Introduction - Sgt Leo

    You're german is still pretty good Sarge the same goes for you're french it's rare to find an American who speek german or french but to find one who speeks both is like a winning a jackpot I can say this because I see a lot of your countrymen at my job, here in Differdange - Luxembourg we have a joint of the Miami university http://www.units.muohio.edu/luxembourg/
  18. rennog

    World War II movie lists

    Have you seen the movie of the lost battalion?
  19. rennog

    World War II movie lists

    In 3 days we can watch All Quiet on the Western Front with Richard Thomas the movie is from 1979, I saw it over 10 years ago for the first time and I was realy quiet and affected after the end of the movie. I think it's one of the best movie's about WWI. Another very good one about WWI is The lost Battalion it's about an American Battalion but see for yourself at the links. http://www.homestead.com/prosites-johnrcot..._battalion.html http://www.longwood.k12.ny.us/history/upton/lost.htm
  20. rennog

    Introduction - Sgt Leo

    Ce n'est que maintenant que j'ai vue cette histoire und sie gefällt sehr gut sarge bitte schreiben sie noch viele erinnerungen hier auf.
  21. rennog

    Britain pays off war-debt

    Were it not to the Germans to pay that dept, after all they started that War.
  22. rennog


    Happy Birthday from Luxembourg
  23. rennog

    Memoribilia and Collectibles

    I understand your feeling Marion a GI gave a 1911 to my grandfather from my mother's side and he threw it in a river in the 50's. (After my two Uncle's became to curious about the gun)
  24. rennog

    Nazi intent for America in WWII

    Well that is what the occupied Nations lived through
  25. rennog

    Photos Albums

    Hi all, I uploaded a small video from Us Cemetery in St. Avold at youtube, for those who are interested click on the link