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  1. rennog

    Les Chant des Partisans

    I'm speechless you did it
  2. rennog

    VE-Day - Where were you?

    Goddamn you're right Dogdaddy it saved a lot of lives!
  3. rennog

    VE-Day - Where were you?

    Thank you Vero for those very great Photos This day 67 years back the Germans invaded Luxembourg and the rest of Europe, thanks to you Veterans I had the joy to grow up free and I thank you for that.
  4. rennog

    Dachau Liberated

    Here 2 links about my post http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,1873249,00.html http://www.shoah.dk/Courage/Schindler.htm
  5. rennog

    Dachau Liberated

    Here I found this link for those who are interested check it out http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,2144,1873249,00.html http://www.shoah.dk/Courage/Schindler.html
  6. rennog

    Dachau Liberated

    I visited the Camp of Natzwiller in France and and hell what the peoples had to go through was realy inhuman, and thanks to boards like this one it will not be forgotten what the Germans did to Woman's Men's and children. When I saw the movie Schindler's List I was shocked how on Earth could someone heart innocent children, hey I knew from my Grandparents that the Germans were (bad guys) to say it polite, but usually no one is bad to kids. After that I ordered some books about that matter I read the SS state from Eugen Kogon, The SS from on other author, Euthansie , and I read a book from *]Das Mädchen von der Schindler-Liste. Aufzeichnungen einer KZ-Überlebenden* well I'll try to interpred the title for you it sounds like ( the girl from the schindlers list who survived the kz her name is Stella Müller-Madej ) and this book realy gave's me the creeps I don't know if it's available in the states if yes buy it! One of the points in the books who realy made me mad were one of her eyewitnesses when a german cabrio and a truck arrived at a kindergarden the kindergarden was in in the 3 floor she wrote that the german officiers were drunk, they moved into the house and yelled like mad one's to get people out then they took the kids and throw them out of the window on the truck's platform from the 3 floor she wrote in her book that that those children between the age of 3 to 6 who weren't dead were yelling from pain and the german officier's were laughting. This book hurts believe me...
  7. rennog

    Dover WWII

    Why they ever forget to mention Luxembourg?
  8. Happy Birthday from Luxembourg
  9. rennog

    Me Big dummy

    By the way where is Misha?
  10. rennog

    90th Birthday of the battle of the crest of Vimy

    Great photos Vero thx
  11. rennog

    The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend...

    I agree 100% with you Dogdaddy, good for us that AH thought he could get the whole world under his boot and overstrained his army if he did not I think I would speak German today and we were not together on this wonderfull board.
  12. I forgot great links Vero Thx for it, maybe I'm going there this year we'll see
  13. Well they are still amongst us I saw an docu in december from a joung french reporter about SS men still alive, she tried to get some interviews but most would not be filmed and were mad that she tried to get them on movie. They come together every year somewhere in Bavaria and hold a festival, Gudrun Burwitz is their princess (for those who don't know who she is try the links below), the young reporter were able to get a interview with one of these former HERREN MENSCHEN he invited her for dinner and she caught him on hidden cam all I can say is that they are still in the same mind and they have a lot of younger people around who protect them and help them and they in turn drill younger people to be HERREN MENSCHEN http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gudrun_Burwitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stille_Hilfe
  14. What a story I found this link to it http://www.wereth.org/
  15. rennog

    Happy Easter to All

    Happy Easter from Luxembourg to you all
  16. rennog

    American Heroes Return..

    Very moving video thx Vero
  17. rennog

    Papa Art in hospital

    Good to read this I hope he will be back soon
  18. rennog

    Stevin's new babies

    Congrats from Luxembourg your Baby's are very cute Martin
  19. rennog

    More Pearl Harbor Photos

    On one end very sad photos but on the other end very great photos and they give me the feeling to be there if you know what I mean, and this were the beginning of the end of the war.
  20. rennog

    World war II Band Of Brothers

    Great link thank you vero.
  21. rennog

    Papa Art in hospital

    I hope he will be back soon.
  22. rennog

    Army Engineer Magazine

    That's wonderful
  23. rennog

    Saving privante Ryan

    Ditto and that's still the best War movie ever.
  24. rennog


    another good one thx.
  25. rennog

    veterans day

    Very nice video thx Vero