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  1. rennog

    Ebay Korean War Seahorse jacket

    Good stuff heavier then the jacket's fom the 80's
  2. rennog

    A Salute to Veterans - Michigan Event June 2007

    Well it's amazing how small the internet grew the world. (I don't know if my expression is correct) Great photos from great people I wish I could have been there and spezialy hold this Garand in my hands, ah you had a great time I'm glad for you . Thanks for those great photos.
  3. rennog

    Wartime cartoon

    Well it's the only one in my mind
  4. rennog


    Wow what a story from Don!! But what a stupid LT.
  5. rennog

    Wartime cartoon

    Yeah, it reminds me a bit of the movie with Charlie Chaplin when he danced with the terrestrial globe can't remember the name of the movie I'm getting old.
  6. rennog

    photos and thoughts on this D-Day

    Yup you're right Marion , but a great collection Erwin
  7. rennog

    Normandy visit

    Here the links from my online album's about my visit to Normandy from the 3 to the 7 june 2007:drinkin: http://picasaweb.google.de/rennog/Normandy...key=3aWyKnHYG-U http://picasaweb.google.de/rennog/Normandy...key=pwmqkVhKK7E http://picasaweb.google.de/rennog/Normandy...key=8qrRRFWB4k4 and the one from the Band of brothers http://picasaweb.google.de/rennog/BandOfBr...key=W9aF7R7lc40
  8. rennog

    Normandy visit

    I know it's a bit late for the post but I'm going to Normandy tomorrow and will stay 3 or 4 days, if someone needs something just let me know it and I'll try to make it
  9. rennog

    le vieux fusil

    Great link Vero but a sad movie, the german's were a real an unhumane ratpack
  10. rennog

    Barracuda, the Bastogne Sherman Tank

    I got this picture by email this morning, unfortunately it's in french but it's about the tank maybe one of our fellows members with a better english then mine could translate the whole story. Martin
  11. rennog

    My Trip to the States

    Ah I realy envy you grrr, have a nice trip and say hello to them from Luxembourg for me Martin
  12. rennog

    Colleville sur Mer Cemetery

    Great photos Vero and you were lucky with the weather, when I was on the cemetery 3 days earlier the wind was blowing from the see to the land it was very unconfortable . I'll open my album a bit later I has been to busy the last days
  13. rennog

    Michael Klemick - Ranger

    Thx for that great story Erwin.
  14. rennog

    Normandy visit

    Thank Marion and Chris, It was a real short and busy trip and I were unable to visit everything of what I have planned on my trip but it was quite interesting. But I managed to visit Charlie secteur for Erwin and I hope he'll enjoy the pic's. Martin Ps. I will open an online Album with the pic's for everyone in the next day's. PPS. I hope Erwin you like the fotos.
  15. rennog

    Barracuda, the Bastogne Sherman Tank

    Well I didn't knew that thx for the info, and thx for those nice photos it realy looks like just out of the factory. Thx Jeeper704 for the background info on the tank I did not knew that as well I added a pic from march 2004 from the tank
  16. rennog


    Wow what a story.
  17. rennog

    Margraten Memorial Day / Morneweck

    Just beautiful Lennon Thanks.
  18. rennog

    Identify this WWII bag or case

    Yup it's a possible map bag it's too flat too cary anything else but who know's?
  19. rennog

    A warm welcome to Moose's buddies

    Well then I'll drink a beer on your health alone in that pub just in front of the Swindon rail station. Probably I'll start with a Guinness then switch to Forsters for the next 10 Pint's. Martin
  20. rennog


    You're right mam and thx to Chuck
  21. rennog

    A warm welcome to Moose's buddies

    Hey is no one of your Brits in Fairford in july for the Airtattoo? Martin
  22. rennog

    Schindler's list

    He rescued some peoples at his own risq, that's the only thing we should remember of him not the rest .
  23. rennog

    91 year old WWII Veteran

    Attacking an 91 old man how sick must you be to do that?
  24. rennog

    Les Chant des Partisans

    Yes now I can listen to it and read it, I think I was to tired the other night
  25. rennog

    Les Chant des Partisans

    I tried to listen the song but nothing!