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  1. rennog

    Battle of the Bulge - American Experience

    Thanks for the info I ordered it right away.
  2. rennog

    Battle of the Bulge - 87th and 101st

    During in my vaccation last month I visited several places in Belgium and at Foy I discored this new monument. Martin
  3. May he rest in peace. Martin
  4. rennog

    August 10th - Date to remember

    Thx again M I'll do that.
  5. Yeah I will visit it too one day but it's not just around the corner from my place it's an over 7 hours journey but mybe I'll combine it with a vaccation
  6. rennog

    August 10th - Date to remember

    Thx you all for the info's and the links and thx to the two M's I'll see if I can get the book over here.
  7. rennog

    August 10th - Date to remember

    Well you're right everybody speaks about D-Day in Normandy but no one of this landing and to my shame I must admit that I know very little about that landing well I will see if have no book about it if not I'll buy one. Thx for the tip
  8. Heinz Barth died on the 6th August he was an Obersturmführer in the Waffen SS and one of the murderer of Oradour s. Glane http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2007/08/14/...-Obit-Barth.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz_Barth May the Devil bit him every minute in the A.. for what he did.
  9. rennog

    La Coupole WWII Rocket Base

    Thanks for the great photos Vero.
  10. Best wishes from Luxembourg Mr. Kincer you're in my prayer's. Martin
  11. rennog

    Good Foreign-language films, WWII

    I'll watch it tonight when I'm back from my hard labour
  12. rennog


    Great photos Thx
  13. rennog

    Don Burgett and C-47

    Great video Marion thx for it, it's quite interesting.
  14. rennog

    Barracuda, the Bastogne Sherman Tank

    Thx for the translation Erwin, before you go to Bastogne just drop me a mail maybe we can visit some spots together. I intend to visit some of those spots from the link below http://www.ww2sites.com/index.php?action=j...ge=begrandmenil
  15. rennog

    Good Foreign-language films, WWII

    Le fil vert sur le bouton rouge those french movies were very funny, do you remember the scene in the castle "trop chaud & trop froid " when they were hidding the others behind their mattresses
  16. rennog


    To late to run Lol
  17. rennog

    A Rugged little guy

    Congrats from little Luxembourg Martin
  18. rennog

    Hi all, I'm pjo

    A big hello from Luxembourg pjo
  19. Well I a have lot but this beat it's all.
  20. rennog

    M1 Garand

    Looks great that Garand and a very nice stock. Is the stock from the aftermarket or an original? On the photo it's me with one of my beauty's at the range Erwin if I had knew it earlier I would have kept my Stg 44 for you but I sold it some time ago with a lot others :banghead: :banghead:
  21. rennog

    Commemorative Air Force B-17 Tour

    In 2002 I got the fortune to see a B17 flying and in the static at the Air Tattoo at Fairford airbase in England it was marked Memphis belle on her right side and Sally B on her left, it's one of the plane's from the movie Memphis Belle. If you have the chance to see one take it who know's when ever you get the opportunity to see one again By the way I'm going to England next week to the Airtattoo again
  22. rennog

    Candyman Music Video

    Damn good song I've downloaded the video some months ago and watch it from time to time, but like Misha I didn't see the B17
  23. rennog

    9 mm Beretta

    Hey glad to see you're back some of us missed ya