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  1. Great Photos Moose I wish I could have been there , is this Event all years at the same time? Martin
  2. rennog

    Corporal Tank Destroyer

    Looks great Erwin, I wish I still had my collection from WWII Martin
  3. Welcome from Luxembourg Martin
  4. rennog

    Something in French

    Hello CaptO, This is an extract of the ministry of public instruction and fine arts and it is about a test series of Portland concrete, they tested how long it takes to set up, to dry, the hardness with different amount of concrete, the thermal axpension and so on. Martin
  5. rennog

    Do I have to introduce myself ?

    A warm welcome from Luxembourg Martin
  6. rennog

    Leon T Dreger Old Hickory

    This is amazing even after 2 years Frank got the point, hell we should have the internet 20 years earlier
  7. rennog

    Somme American Cemetery And Memorial

    Great Pictures V (comme d'habitude ) , but what a story about the nurse I'm astonished how close the internet bring the peoples together. I read in the letter that they will make a docu about the American Cemeteries overseas I'm very interested to get a copy of that docu, can you keep me posted when it is on the shelf so that I can buy me a copy that were very kind. Martin
  8. I always loved to read his stories on the WWII Vet board and after that the WWII went down, I loved to read them on this board his joke's and to read how he meat his wife etc. . Thank you and rest in Peace Art. Martin
  9. rennog

    Log for the trip home

    Hello, I see your granddad were in Luxemburg, maybe you have some photos from over here? To M2 your Grandmother is beautiful on the picture. Martin
  10. Thx that you like the photos, when I'm visiting such places I have always in mind to make lots and good photos to share them with you, knowing that most of you are far away from the fields where your family member gave us liberty. *Twice* Thx Vero for the info about Lt. Erwin Bleckley Russell I shot the photo by chance not knowying anything about the soldier, you must know that here at the Us cemetery in lux we have only 1 MOH (as I know) bearer and if you don't know where he's lying, good luck to find him, so here at the cem in france I found him in one of the first rows I've walked through and thought hey you're lucky and made the shot. Personaly I think that all those who are lying there are hero's. Your're welcome CaptO, great Poem "The Cause?" I hope that one day you would be stationned in europe so we can meet and visit some battlefields together. Yup the church were quite big, the shelling must have been like hell. Martin
  11. Hi everyone Last Sunday I has been at the Verdun Argonne area and we visited the Monfaucon American Monument situated at the destroyed town of Montfaucon, rebuilt nearby after the war. After that we travelled too the American cemetery of Romagne sous Montfaucon and by travelling through those small towns you discover at every corner a monument. The American cemetery is in a beautiful place over 14000 hero's found here their last rest. I've shot again a lot of photos and if you like you can see them here: http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/WWIBattlefields Martin
  12. rennog


    I have planned to visit Oradour in the near future I hope I'll get some time off from work. This is very hard what you wrote above dogdaddy, I have 3 kids myself (& 2 Dogs )and only to think someone could do this to an innocent child make me more than angry when I read such story's it sets my teeth on edge, this reminds me of a scene I had 12 years or so ago you know I work as a conductor at the lux railway and I had an Old German in his 70 on board of my train and he had not a valuable ticket for the train Lux - trier the only ticket he got was a war invalid card (valid as ticket in germany) and he behaved like we were still under german occupation. Misfortune for the old bas...d was that I had read around 6 or 7 books about the annihilation of the jews, gypsies etc.at that time, the last one I've read about this thema was "a girl from schindlers list from Stella Müller-Madej " in that book she described a scene where the germans tossed children from the second floor on the platform of a truck . After that book I had to stop reading them because it realy haunted me and when I had to handle with older germans wich was very common do to my job I always thought maybe he was one of those who did such things and when they behaved like the the old Bas.... I've wrote above then I got very snippy and had not pity to kick 'em out very quick. Martin
  13. rennog

    Belleau Wood

    Très beau Vero I took a closer look to your photos now I am jalous
  14. rennog

    Photos Albums

    On the 25 april I made a spontaneous trip to Bastogne and shot some photos from the area if you like here's the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Bastogne Martin
  15. rennog


    Here a link from Photos from Verdun http://de.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/rennog/al...hmFS.FBxJZCkTE2 See new post re 02-20-2008. It is the updated link. The one above is no longer viable.
  16. rennog


    The 17 March I was in Verdun at the ceremony at the Douamont cemetery for Lazare Ponticelli "The last Poilus", after the ceremony we visited the area of Fort Douamont and the surrounding woods it was a quite interesting day. Again I shot a lot of photos and here the link: http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Verdun03172008 Martin
  17. rennog

    New WWI Museum opens

    Great Photos Vero thx a lot
  18. Hi Capto and everyone, over here in Luxembourg we have a town with the name of Gilsdorf. By the way I got a very good dvd last monday from Germany about the Hurtgen forest the name is "You enter Germany" very informative and Tony Vaccaro is speaking in the movie don't know if anyone you of know him he made a lot of photos during the war he is a very kind man, I had the privilege to meat him once here in Luxembourg. I will not make advertisement but this dvd is worth it but see for yourself, you can see some small movies from the dvd in english. http://www.konejung-stiftung.de/You_Enter_Germany_EN.htm
  19. rennog


    Thank you M1 and Vero. Martin
  20. rennog


    The 27 feb I has been in Verdun with my friend Gaston and I've shot a couple of photos there, if you're interested just click on the link below. http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Verdun2008
  21. rennog

    Poem by John McAuliffe - 87th Inf Div

    Great poem Here you can see photos from the place nowadays http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/Belgium...325337065990290
  22. beautiful photos, despite the background of so many extinguished young lives
  23. rennog

    The wall of the executed near Arras

    Nice photos veronica
  24. rennog

    Photos Albums

    Thx CaptO, well maybe one day you'll make it to this side of the pond and we could meet at one of those battlefields over here, that were great . I would like to visit the battle areas in the pacific like Iwo Jima and others, the GI's had more then one D-DAY over there, these Jab's were a fierce adversary . You're right about learning as much as possible from a battlefield, I do not know how I should express it but I think you get a better feeling if you know what has happened where you stand. CaptO do you know about the battle of Verdun? Wednesday I'll go with a friend of mine for the whole day to Verdun and maybe we'll make to the Us. cemetery of Saint Mihiel near Thiaucourt it's +/- 48 km from Verdun (30 miles) I'll shoot a lot of photos . Here's a link from that battle http://www.worldwar1.com/dbc/stmihiel.htm You don't have any photos from your visit at Okinawa? I would like to see them. So have a nice sunday you all. Martin
  25. rennog

    Photos Albums

    Don't know what's the problem but sometimes google need some time to get them sharp and clear. Someone else has the same problem? If yes please let me know Thx. Here the new links from my Normandy visit last year Part 1 http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/NormandyJune2007 Part 2. http://picasaweb.google.com/rennog/NormandyJune2007Part2 Martin