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  1. glassman55

    8th beach battalion

    thank you very much. i would like to find out all i can, it's hard to because he will not talk about his time over there. i can ask him a couple of questions at a time but only if i don't ask about the wrong thing. my son is in the army in the 46th eng. from ft. polk la. he is in iraq now for the third time, when he comes home i don't ask him much about it but if he wants to talk i will listen intently. thank you again. sorry for rambling.
  2. glassman55

    8th beach battalion

    my father was in thenavy with the 8th bbn during the invasion of southern france. he doesn't talk about his time during the war very much. he has told me that he trained with the 540th eng. prior to the invasion. he said recently that he cleared mine fields on the beach before the landing. i am wanting to get any info. i can get about the training, where they trained, with what co. of the 540th he may have trained with. to put it in a nut shell i am looking for anything i can find out. if there is anyone that could point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it. thank you.