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    needham, ma
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    people, classic literature, biography, history, genealogy, gardening, films, architectural history, creatures (dogs, cats, birds etc ), music (rock and roll, big band, british<br />folk rock), needlework, pre-raphaelite art, Victorian<br />era, books, books, did I mention "books"? I've always had "too many" interests & never enough time!

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  1. 206thmpco

    Documentary - No Bridge Too Far

    isn't it appropriate that the M1 opus arrived just before Independence Day!!! Congrats M1!!
  2. 206thmpco

    The latest from da garden

    just GORGEOUS M1!!! My neighbor came over today to tell me how beautiful my garden is and insist that I take pictures. Now you've inspired me too!! How are you??? and how are all my beloved (and you ARE beloved!) M1 "peeps"?? Am "wired" up now as Verizon was here last week all day and I bought a new laptop. It was extremely handy that I bought all the components to assemble computers in my last job, so I knew exactly what i wanted/needed. Good at buying, but hooking everything up - not so much. Still need to install my wireless printer, but will wait for a rainy day indoors. have been very busy -still no job(surprise, surprise!) Am attempting to rescue a mama cat and her 4 kittens. The animal control lady in Needham is a sweetheart and she gave me some traps to catch em with and will take them to spay/neuter for free since I volunteered to keep them and try to tame the kittens (i know - I AM crazy, but you all already know THAT!). I cleaned out my enire pantry and am trying to find space elsewhere for everything that was stored in there. At some point, my Dad must've taken the pantry door off and used it for some other project (they were all "recyclers" before it was "cool"), I think it may've been our picnic table top. Anyway, I needed a door so I rummaged around in the cellar and found the original door for the screened in porch which fit and now I gotta mount it. Oh-Oh! I'm not good with power tools, but will try out my cordless drill. If you have any tips or suggestions let me know. more later... I just wanted to see how you all are and wish you all a FABULOUS 4th!!!! God bless America, God bless our Vets and all our Armed Forces, and God bless all you M1 patriots!! mary ann
  3. 206thmpco

    Hello all!!

    Hi everyone! Miss you all and hope to be able to catch up with you soon. Been busy going to "school" for the job hunt. Went to the Tea Party in Boston and heard Sarah Palin speak - it was a fabulous day! The Boston Common never looked more beautiful with all the flowering trees in bloom and tulips out. As you can imagine I met alot of AWESOME people. Going to a rally this afternoon for Charlie Baker who'se running for Governor. Also trying to help this wonderful former Marine named Sean Bielat defeat Barney Frank whom I met at a fundraiser at the Endicott estate. Met another wonderful fellow who'se running for Congress and gonna work to help him get elected too. His name is Keith Lepore and was a combat photog in Afghanistan embedded with the 82nd and 101st ABN. Here's info on both these great men. I may not have a "job", but hopefully I can use my time to do something to help our great Country! LOVE to you ALL!!!!!!!!! mary ann Who is Keith Lepor?With nearly thirty years of professional, academic and research experience in international relations, international business and international studies, Keith Lepor lends a unique perspective on how to solve our nation’s most critical problems today --abroad and most importantly right here on American soil. Mr. Lepor, author, foreign and business development analyst, consultant, speaker and recently combat photojournalist, combines his skills to communicate to and with people directly about the importance of a strong national security and energy policy, which in turn he believes will create jobs and turnaround our economy. Mr. Lepor marries his interest in global affairs with one of his lifelong passions, photography. In 2007, Mr. Lepor's first assignment in Afghanistan consisted of a twelve-month tour of duty in support of US and Coalition forces with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF/NATO) where he worked as both a combat photojournalist and Forward Media Team Leader - running a team of Afghan print and radio journalists in Regional Command East. He also embedded extensively with the Army 82nd and 101st Airborne as well as the Third Marine Regiment, Third Marine Division; French, British and Afghan Forces. In 2004, his first trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, he focused on capturing nature. Lepor continues to be captivated by the disastrous political upheavals and human devastation in places around the world including central Africa. His work has broadened in photojournalistic focus to capture counterinsurgency and guerilla warfare. He has provided imagery, undertaken specific work and completed photojournalism assignments around the globe for such clients as CNN International, MONUC, various departments of the United Nations, The Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and World Health Organization (WHO). Mr. Lepor’s interests in shaping United States foreign policy have had an impact both in Washington and around the world. In 1997, he edited and published After the Cold War (University of Texas Press, 1997, Forward by Mikhail Gorbachev), which helped articulate debate on the future of this country’s foreign policy during the 2000 Presidential race. He is currently a US member of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific (USCSCAP), the Asia Society (New York), Gulf/2000 Project at Columbia University and the Middle East Institute in Washington, D.C. He is passionate about our country and is emboldened to run for the United States Congress after a recent assignment in Afghanistan where he found that some American men and women fighting for our country’s freedom against terrorism have been given less than desirable means to defend this nation. Given the lack of optimum equipment, inadequate troop strength -- and the growing concern of our troops on the ground over the imminent closure of Guantanamo and watching terrorists being read their Miranda rights, Mr. Lepor was moved to advocacy. Keith Lepor was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1961 to a middle-class working family. To find work, his father, a non-scheduled cargo pilot, moved the family around Europe and the US several times. During a flight assignment in 1975, when the Lepors lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Keith’s father contracted an ailment and died suddenly. Keith was just 14. His mother eventually moved the family to Seattle during Keith’s final two years of high school. Growing up in a one-parent household, Keith faced many challenges. None was tougher than surviving cancer. As a former “Jimmy Kid,” fighting for his life and living in a household that was very much financially challenged, Keith knows what it’s like for families to struggle against adversity. Knowledge was highly valued in Keith’s family, and he took every opportunity to advance his education. After graduating from a public high school in 1979, Keith attended Boston University and received a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science in 1983. He pursued his keen interest in Middle Eastern studies at the American University in Cairo, Egypt, receiving an M.A. in 1984. He continued his graduate academic work at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University where he received an M.Litt. in International Relations in 1988. Keith Lepor for Congress | P.O. Box 8068 Boston, MA, 02114 | Contact | Media Inquiry Follow Keith on Facebook and Twitter! Sean Bielat is the first strong challenger to Barney Frank since the 1980s. His experience and accomplishments have shaped his views: --As a businessman, Sean believes in focusing on economic growth and fiscal responsibility --As a Marine, he believes in peace through strength --As an American, he believes in a return to Constitutional values and citizen-legislators Sean's career highlights include-- Major, U.S Marine Corps Reserve Independent Consultant. Helped client companies build market strategies Program Manager, iRobot Corporation. Led $100 million, 100 person business line providing life-saving defense robots used to destroy roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan Chairman, NATO Industrial Armaments Group. Led an international team studying the potential for use of advanced reconnaissance technology in urban warfare Management Consultant, Mckinsey & Company Lieutenant, U.S. Marine Corps (active duty) Sean and his wife are residents of Brookline, MA where they are expecting their first child in August. They are members of St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church in Brookline. Sean currently works as an independent consultant and serves as an officer in the Marine Corps Reserve. Sean worked his way through college and graduate school, aided by scholarships and the GI Bill. He now holds a Master in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University, and will soon complete a Master of Business Administration from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He is a member of the Knights of Columbus, the International Institute for Security Studies, and the Council on Emerging National Security Affairs. ______________________________________ A note from Sean: Hello and thanks for visiting our website! Like many of you, I believe that we face serious problems today—high unemployment and slow economic growth, a rapidly spiraling deficit, an inequitable and inefficient tax system, environmental and energy issues, concerns about our national security—the list seems to go on and on. Unfortunately, Washington isn’t providing solutions. Instead, Congress and the administration are playing partisan games and trying to push through major legislation without first getting the buy-in of the American people. We need a return to civility in our politics and reason in our debates. We need citizens who step forward to take on the problems that we face. We need a return to the values that made America a beacon of freedom and a nation of opportunity. We need real leadership. It’s time for a change! I have always believed in the importance of service to country and community. This belief has shaped my worldview and been a guiding principle throughout my life. Both of my grandfathers served in the military during World War II, all of my uncles and my father served during the Vietnam era, and my brother and I both served as well--and I continue to serve as a Major in the Marine Corps Reserve. My grandfather was a hero to me, and I remember listening as a young boy to his stories of the war. My grandfather was born in a small town in Western New York. He left school in 8th grade to help support his family during the Great Depression. He joined the Civilian Conservation Corps, doing the tough work of cutting fire breaks in California and building public works projects in the Southwest. He volunteered for the Army shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor and saw combat in North Africa, Sicily, St. Lo, and the Battle of the Bulge. When he left the Army, he collected his mustering out pay of $278.40 and returned to “regular” life. He took a job in a shovel factory and worked there until he retired. He lived a difficult life in difficult times but, like many in his generation, he never believed that anyone owed him anything. His hard work and dedication to his country and his family were, and are, an inspiration to me. My grandparents’ efforts made life a little easier for my parents, who in turn provided me with a middle-class upbringing and an emphasis on hard work, service, and education. With the help of scholarships, part-time jobs, the GI Bill, and student loans, I was fortunate to complete college and graduate school, opening up new opportunities. Now, as my wife and I prepare to welcome our first child into the world, I can’t help but feel that the “American Dream” really exists and that our country offers opportunities that no other country can match. But too many of our fellow citizens are struggling, wondering when and how they will achieve their dreams. How will we adequately provide for our families? When will we see more jobs? When will the economy turn around? Will our children be better off than we are? Will America be a stronger and safer nation tomorrow than it is today? These are questions that unite us as Americans. And these are the questions that our elected Representatives must help us answer. I ask you to join us today in helping to find answers, in helping to create a better future, and in keeping the American dream a vibrant and vital presence in our national consciousness. It’s time for new leadership in America. Please support us in bringing a new voice to the people of Massachusetts. Sincerely, Sean Bielat ______________________________________ The Bielat for Congress team is comprised of a handful of Scott Brown veterans, experienced political consultants, and a few other staff members, and hundreds of volunteers. We have put together a team that knows how to win in Massachusetts and so far more than 500 volunteers have signed up to help in this important race. You can join Team Sean today by clicking here. We are dedicated to working hard over the next several months to elect Sean Bielat to the United States Congress to replace Barney Frank.
  4. My deepest sympathy for your loss Sarge. Mary Ann
  5. 206thmpco

    Detroit - Our Greatest Generation

    Oh Marion, this is so AWESOME!!! God bless and keep them all - we owe them SO much! How I wish my Dad could have lived to be part of something like this, but I believe that somehow he and all the other WWII Vets are there in spirit. I'm gonna email my state senator (one of the few in Mass who is a really good man) and ask him why can't we do something like this too? It's just an absolutely wonderful thing! m2
  6. 206thmpco

    The Battle Hymn of the Republic

    Cool!!!!You're gonna LOVE Mt Auburn Darlene! October is the perfect time to go. Edwin Booth's grave is on a steep hill as you can see in the pictures: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?p...gr&GRid=110 Mt Auburn slideshow: http://www.mountauburn.org/gallery/ Gloucester is beautiful! My cousin has a flower shop there which her son manages now: http://www.audreysflowershop.com/about_audreys.htm The beaches are beautiful. Here's Good Harbor beach which has great memories for me because I used to go there with my grandma when I was a kid. When she came to the US from Ireland - she worked for awhile in the mansion overlooking the beach. http://www.goodharborbeach.com/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/lenbo/2217443...57604268554349/ Gotta see Hammond Castle. http://www.hammondcastle.org/common/index....AA&page=A91 So much to see in Cape Ann - Rockport, Magnolia, Manchester-By-The-Sea, Essex, and Ipswich. Gotta go to Woodman's in Essex for the BEST seafood! Where they invented the fried clam in 1914. YUM!!!! http://www.woodmans.com/ My favorite beach is Crane Beach in Ipswich. Check out the photo gallery for Castle Hill on the Crane estate. I went to a wedding there in October a few yrs ago and it was fabulous! http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit...-the-crane.html http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit...the-crane.html# another place to see is Appleton Farms in Hamilton. http://www.thetrustees.org/places-to-visit...eton-farms.html Marblehead is another get place on the North Shore. Here are some photos of Ft Sewall - one of my favorite places. http://www.legendinc.com/Pages/ArchivesCen...FortSewall.html and Abbot Hall has the painting "The spirit Of You won't be bored!
  7. 206thmpco

    The Battle Hymn of the Republic

    For years I worked literally across the street from Mt Auburn Cemetery where Julia Ward Howe and Samuel Gridley Howe are buried. I spent my lunch hours exploring that beautiful cemetery where so many famous people are laid to rest. Perkins is also in Watertown and you'd always see the teachers out with the students - many of whom lost their sight in adulthood and had to learn to use canes and guide dogs. Perkins does wonderful work. Because of the school, Watertown had all the intersection lights wired to sound a ringing alarm when the lights turned red & yellow for "walk" (remember before the walk/don't walk lights?). Now they have the sound of a cuckoo clock which allows the sight impaired to know it's ok to cross. http://www.perkinsmuseum.org/museum/ Harpers Ferry is the name of longtime "nightclub" in Boston. Ha! I wonder how many know the origin of the name. http://www.harpersferryboston.com/
  8. 206thmpco

    Photos of our WWII Veteran Forum Members

    Rocky, you ROCK! You DEFINITELY still got it goin' on!! WOW!
  9. 206thmpco

    In honor of 9-11-09 - Marion's story

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Marion! May God Bless, Protect, and PRESERVE the United States Of America!
  10. 206thmpco

    Fifth Army lands at Salerno - Sept 10, 1943

    We thank God that you are still here too Rocky! I always think of my Dad on this day too. 450 ships and 125,000 allied troops took part in "Operation Avalanche". (My Dad sailed from the port of Oran) "US rangers hit the beach 20 minutes in advance of the main assault force at 0310. British 10Corps landed under heavy naval bombardment. The untested men of the 36th infantry division came ashore at 0330 WITHOUT supporting fire...All 6 waves of the 36th Division assault element were ashore by 0610....US Artillery and armor units were delayed coming ashore and disorganized when they arrived. Amid the confusion, many leading assault elements found themselves facing enemy tanks without adequate antiarmor weapons, and only through determination and individual heroism were some American forces able to move inland." "...German counterattacks continued throughout the day, but were repulsed as Fifth Army strengthened it's lodgment. Reinforcements, support troops (my Dad with 206th MP Co landed at 0830), and supplies poured ashore. By nightfall, British 10 Corps was 3 miles inland... US VI Corps was 5 miles inland...Elements of the U.S. 45th Division were also sent ashore during the night of Sept 9th to reinforce the 36th Division". here's a photo of USS Philadelphia laying a smoke screen to obscure the view of the enemy & provide cover against air attacks before the landing armada gets close to shore on 9/9/43. photo of USS Savannah hit by German radio controlled Fritz X bomb. The bomb hit a gun turret and penetrated deep into her hull before exploding 9/11/43 Remembering all the brave men who were there 66 years ago today.
  11. 206thmpco

    Spies in America

    Great topic Sarge! Found this regarding the US Coast Guard Auxiliary during WWII. Don't think many people know about this vital coastal defense or that as early as Jan 12,1942 British steamship "Cyclops" sunk 300 miles off Cape Cod. Very startling to know that in Feb '42 "432,000 tons of shipping went down in the Atlantic" and that in March of '42 "petroleum industry reps meeting with the War Dept warned that if the rate of sinking was maintained, the war effort would be crippled within 9 months." http://history.auxpa.org/collections/texta...article0002.htm
  12. Ha!!! You are right, Capt O! I didn't notice that. Maybe the guys in the tank thought she was gonna beat on 'em with her cane & say: "You naughty boys are making too much noise with those big tanks!"
  13. imagine what it must've meant to the people to see our guys (3rd infantry div supported by the 36th and 45th) and to be free at last. Notice roadside shrine to right in photo - the juxtaposition of the "welcome to our liberators" sign and the crucifix remind us that the sacrifices made for the freedom of others were great indeed. Tiny elderly lady with cane joins citizens of Lons Le Saunier to welcome our guys in Sept 4'44 Haunting and incongruous photo of GIs in break from war at a dance in Villemonfroy. No joy in those faces. MP with monkey in Vesoul Sept '44. Where would he have gotten a monkey?? Little boy appears to be looking at soldiers boot as VI Corps rests in advance to the Moselle. Bourgonce October 44 artillery unit's shelter. How long would WE last in one of these? wounded soldier Biarville Nov 5th '44