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    WW2, Willys Jeep.
  1. Wow , Marion, that's a wonderful list of topics, I am sure that our friend Mr Joseph Lyons, proud cousin of Mr. Frigone, will have some quality time going thru all this !
  2. Dear friends, A family member, cousin of Mr. Carl Joseph Frigone, member of the 17th Airborne - 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion, is looking up all kinds of information possible. Mr Frigone was KIA on 8-2-1945 clearing a mine field, burried in Belgium until 1948 and then buried in penna. Does anyone know a member of this Battalion, or a good source of information ? Thanks Phil
  3. FIWI


    Hi, was the Los Baños Raid by the 11th AB not in the Philippines ?
  4. FIWI

    Interview with Don Burgett

    Thanks Marion for the honor !!
  5. FIWI

    Veterans Mark Battle of the Bulge

    Thanks for the pics ! Filip
  6. FIWI

    New member Filip

    Thanks and a happy new year 2005 ! May 2005 be healthy, warm, full of love and friendship. Filip P.S. about the RAF : is the battle cry still PER ARDUA AD ASTRA ? My favorite airplane is still the SPITFIRE, and by multiple and strange coincidences it looks almost that there is a connection with a Spitfire pilot of Dundee who was KIA on September 5th, 1943. His name is John Smart Carmichael.
  7. FIWI

    Found this on Wild Bill's site

    Read it before, it's still a great article !
  8. FIWI

    New member Filip

    Hi, I am Filip from Belgium, I would describe myself as a history buff, or with a great word "amateur-historian" with a special interest in the 101st Airborne Division, in particular 463 PFA (and also a bit 506 PIR). I live 2 1/2 hours from Bastogne and I work freelance and as a volonteer for the City Council. I am also assistant to visiting Veterans and try to help them with all their needs. Sometimes I do a free battlefield guiding for friends and family, in the neighborhood. Besides my work as a Computer Support Operator in a Steelplant, I try to do some teaching to adults (Microsoft Access). And I have a passion for WW2 vehicles. I owe a Willies Jeep, but not WW2 (very expensive in Belgium). My model is a Willies M38A1 (Korea Model). Later, if possible, I would like to buy a Dodge 4x4. I used to be in the Military for 11 years as NCO. Now I am in the Belgian National Guard, what we call the 'Trained Reserve'. A warm HI to everybody here on the boards. FILIP
  9. FIWI

    Warm welcome Filip!

    The pleasure is all mine. I am sure to find a warm home here as I do on WBG. Filip