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Jon Blankenship

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  1. Jon Blankenship

    2827th Engineer Battalion

    I’d like any info on the 286th combat engineers thank you
  2. Can you post the pictures my uncle served in the 286. Thank you 

  3. Jon Blankenship

    286th Army Combat Engineers Co B

    My name is Jon Blankenship from South Carolina. My uncle Charles P. Blankenship served in Europe 1944-45. He was a very young 1st Sgt. in the 286th Combat Engineers Co B. He served in The Colmar Pocket, built Bailey bridges over the Rhine and on into Germany. He left. Clemson University at the age of 18 to serve his country. He experienced the 3rd Reich’s horrors first hand and head on being able to return to the US in 1946. He suffered severe PTSD but was able to overcome his terrible memories of the war and lead a very productive and fulfilling life to age 89. He never spoke of his time in service. My cousins and I would ask our grandmother(his mom) about his time in WW2 as curious youngsters. She would only tell us bits and pieces. So... since his death 4 years ago, I started looking into his Army records and such. I have been able to find his mooring reports and a lot of other valuable info. My research has become a favorite hobby of mine. I am really pleased I found this website to continue on my research. I look forward to meeting anyone that can help with his unit and I will gladly share any info that I have as well. Thank you.