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  1. Hello all, My friend Jim served in this Company right after he got wounded in France. He went ashore 3rd wave at Omaha Beach with another Engineer outfit. On December 15, 1944 he got transferred to the 26th Division "Yankee Division". The only thing I found till now is a photo of a Jeep with the markings of the 981st in Belgium in January 1945. I therefore turn to you here and hope someone can help me out. I want to know the composition of this unit, the commander(s) and where they were from let's say July 1944 till December 1944. I'm piecing together the service of my friend which is quite interesting. At the end of the war, he had not enough points and was transferred to the 83rd Division and finally to the 42nd Division. He got shipped home in April 1946 (!). Long time for a D-Day Veteran, no? Erwin
  2. Jeeper704

    Happy Birthday Jeeper704!

    Thank you, sorry I was away from here for so long. I'll try to make it up. Erwin
  3. Jeeper704

    9/11 - 10th Anniversary Tribute

    I had been watching some documentaries on TV about 9/11, especially one about what happened afterwards. This documentary was so haunting me several nights after I saw it that I almost thought of going to see a psychiatrist or so. I won't tell you the details about this one but trust me ... it was a hard hitting and very sad one. Erwin PS: Don't ask me more about it either, I'm still not willing to talk about it.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    The Unforgiving - Within Temptation Great songs and lyrics although I can understand not many on here will like it. Erwin
  5. Jeeper704

    I'm sad

    You're doing a great job and don't let some ... spoil that for you. If he had said that to me in person, they still would be busy surgically removing my boot from his "youknowwhat" (I try to keep it poilte here). Erwin
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    Happy Birthday Rocky boy!

    Happy Birthday, Sir! And three kisses from my Fiancée. Erwin & Bianca.
  7. Jeeper704

    Seeking info on 185th Port Co/487th Port Bn

    That is some great information! Thanks for posting this. Erwin
  8. Keep going after them (I know you do that). It will pay off in the end. And you can bet it is the same everywhere (not only in the US). When I am going to start the procedure(s) in order to get my Fiancée here and get her a decent job ...... have the Valium and other stuff ready! I'm gonna need them! Erwin
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    A very interesting book to read indeed! I saw "Surviving D-Day" too and it is a very moving documentary to watch. If you get the chance, watch it or read the book. Erwin
  10. Jeeper704

    Personal tribute to the men and women of D-Day 2011

    A day or so before the 67th Anniversary of D-Day, I received a letter from my friend Jim (James). He is doing ok, but has some health problems. Jim was an assault engineer in the third wave at Omaha Beach. When 06.06.2011 started, I couldn't help but thinking of both Jim and Mike. Mike was a Ranger who went ashore on Charlie Beach (Vierville). He probably was part of the Ranger/Infantry force that took out the German artillery battery at Grandcamp-Maisy. I'm afraid Mike sadly passed away as contact (via letters) has stopped. Maybe it is my age (40), but all day long I felt sad, a bit sick in my stomache and I also felt like someone dropped some weight on my shoulders.. I watched some of the few D-Day documentaries and looked at a view clips on Youtube as well. Often during that day, I wished I could have been on the beach but hopefully soon I might have the opportunity to go and visit the places they were at back in 1944 again. Erwin
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    New Member

    A warm welcome from Belgium. Can I ask you what TD unit this Med Unit was attached to? You post interesting information and I am happy to read you make the effort to talk to Veterans and write their stories down. Erwin
  12. Jeeper704

    Everyman's War

    Yes, I have the DVD and for me this is quite a good movie. It deals with the fightings around the Sinz-Nennig (Germany) area in January - February 1945. Some errors, but overall a nice movie. It means more to me because on 02.09.1945 my friend Harry got wounded there when his TD was knocked out by 2 German Panthers. But the movie deals mainly with the fightings prior to the arrival of the 704th TD Battalion. Erwin
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    Happy Birthday Dogdaddy

    Way too late (I deeply apologize), but still a from Bianca and myself. Erwin
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    Happy Birthday slinky75

    from Belgium. Erwin
  15. Our sincerest condolences. Erwin & Bianca
  16. That's so sad to read. Rest in Peace, Sir! Third wave at "Omaha" ... the same wave my friend Jim was in (also an Engineer at that time). Erwin
  17. Jeeper704

    Happy Brithday Marion !!

    Waaaaaaaaaaay too late and so ashamed for missing it, but I still wanted to send you my best wishes. Also regards from my Fiancée Bianca. Erwin
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    I never thought a "Trackhead" (= Armor enthusiast) like me would say this ... but ... GO NAVY!!!!! The US sent a strong message with eliminating this evil ... "If you hurt us, we WILL go after you and, no matter how long it will take, we WILL take you out!". It is not nice to be happy about someone's dead, but to me this Osama character was pure evil and deserved what was coming to him. Of course this is unfortunately not the end of his bunch of cowards who "rape" religion to justify their despicable actions, but it is like Mr. Churchill once said "The end of the beginning". I really hope the guys who took him out all get the MOH. Erwin
  19. Jeeper704

    Conrad W EYTH

    Hello Susi, I just sent you a reply. The Baker Eyth house mentioned here might be a good lead. My buddy checked it out and it appears that the owners are indeed related to Mr. Conrad Eyth. If I can help you with something, feel free to ask. I'll try to help or ask my buddy. Erwin
  20. Jeeper704

    Conrad W EYTH

    Hello all, Needing help regarding the unit of this person; Conrad W. Eyth was born 6 July 1906 in West Virginia. He died on 8 August 1985 in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Enlisted: September 24, 1942 to August 31, 1945 Unit: Tank Destroyer Forces Awards: WWII Victory Medal, WWII Service Lapel Button. ASN: 35446603 Unfortunately, the Military PErsonnel Records Center could not provide me with his unit (probably a Tank Destroyer Battalion. That's why I am turning to you here and hopefully someone can find his name in a roster or book or so. Many thanks in advance. Erwin
  21. Jeeper704

    Happy Birthday Reg

    from us too. Erwin & Bianca.
  22. Jeeper704

    Hello from new recruit :)

    Welcome, Karrie, and greetings from Belgium. Erwin
  23. You can contact "carl1944" as well. He knows a lot regarding the 106th ID and 424th Regiment. Just check the members section here for "carl1944". Erwin
  24. On September 17, 1944 a Waco glider carrying 5 men of the 101st Airborne Signal Company and a British Corporal of the Royal Signals crashed at Mariekerke (near Sint-Amands & Bornem), Belgium. Unfortunately all men and the Glider Pilot were killed in this crash. This glider was on its way to a landing zone north of Eindhoven, near Son, Holland. Due to a mid-air collision with another glider which caused the trailer (filled with radio equipment and telephone wire) to break loose and shift forward, the Waco was out of control and went down. It hit trees on the edge of a field before smashing into the ground. Two men - the Glider Pilot (437th TC Group - 83rd TC Squadron) and the British Corporal - had been thrown out of the glider before it crashed and were found on a nearby field. The Corporal was unconscious but showed signs of life and was taken by a British jeep to a nearby hospital (the area was already liberated by British Forces early September). He died shortly after arriving at that the hospital. Their names: F/O Samuel C Welch (Glider Pilot) Cpl Frederick A Sellers (British Royal Signals) Pvt Thomas F Vella (101st Abn Sig Co - 101st AB Division) Pvt Joseph Dottavanio (101st Abn Sig Co - 101st AB Division) Pvt Gustave O Gerwig (101st Abn Sig Co - 101st AB Division) Pvt Michael Jugan (101st Abn Sig Co - 101st AB Division) Pvt Stanley M Zajelka (101st Abn Sig Co - 101st AB Division) The men were buried at the local cemetery. After the war, the Americans were re-buried at the American Military Cemetery of Neuville-en-Condroz, near Liège. The Englishman remained at the local cemetery of Sint-Amands. In 1994 - September 17 - a monument was inaugurated in the presence of the sister of one of the soldiers. Every year, around the 17th, there is a small commemoration. The helmets were just for photographic purposes. The left helmet came from the wreck, it shows faintly the insignia of the 101st Abn Sig Co. Erwin
  25. Jeeper704

    Glider Monument

    Thank you for your interest, Sir. Every year, we hold a small commemoration so to make sure these men are not forgotten. In the meantime I sent you a copy of that photo. Hope it will help you identifying your father if he is in that photo. Erwin