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  1. My hypothesis: http://bit.ly/2kuNrkJ. If you have more information about it I will be grateful if you want to share it.
  2. Calm, don't worry, we keep looking ...
  3. I've seen it all (I know it very well), there are no German SP guns
  4. Let's hope some veterans have some memories.
  5. Hello everyone, any information?
  6. My name is Valentino Rossetti and I am the webmaster of the site dalvolturnoacassino.it . I have collaborated with Marion J. Chard in relation to the 1108th presence in Italy. I am conducting a research about a unit of German self-propelled guns that fought at Monte Porchia in the days between 3 and 8 January 1944 (just the days when the 48th companies were called to operate as infantry to give help to the conquest of this position). The German unit was named (in German) 2.Batterie SturmGeschutz Abteilung 242 and was equipped with 75 mm guns. There are some photographs that show some of these S.P. guns, hit or broken, taken January 9, 1944. The shooting location is generally referred to as "San Vittore area" but it is almost certain that it is near Monte Porchia (also included in the San Vittore area). Photo list: monte-porchia. Do you have any informations / photos that help me to identify the location of this unit in those days? Greetings and thanks for the help you can give me. Valentino