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  1. Hello, I am Leslie Krogh Feuerborn. My father, Ray Krogh, served in the 210th Military Police Company as a Private in WWII. He died when he was just 38 years old in a mountain climbing accident so our family wasn't able to find out any direct information about his experience in the war. Fortunately, his parents kept some of the letters that he sent home which has allowed us some insight into his experience. The 210th MP Company is not easy to find much information about so I'm hoping this site will help me out. He also served with Corporal Leslie E Haughs who died on December 25, 1944 and is buried at Henri-Chapelle Cemetery in Liège, Belgium. My dad thought so highly of Cpl Haughs that I was named after him (although I am female). I look forward to connecting with others through this site. Leslie
  2. Krogh Feuerborn

    5th Engineer Special Brigade

    BCF, my father was also in the 210th Military Police Company. I would love to hear more about what you have found about the activities of the 210th. I have some letters that my dad sent to his parents and have been able to find out some about the 210th on D-Day but don't know much about what they did and where they were after that. Can you share any of your information with me or tell me where you found information that I can go and search? Thanks. Leslie Krogh Feuerborn