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steve boshko

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  1. steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    Marion, Thanks for posting the reunion photo.
  2. steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    My brother tells me that my dad was a chauffeur for the engineers. He drove the engineers back and forth to the DP (displaced persons) camp(s). Do you know anything about that aspect.
  3. steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    Marion, Thank you for that information -- it's a start. Love this website. I spent an hour just reading some of the action reports and looking at the photos. Regards, Steve
  4. steve boshko

    2827th Company C

    Hello everyone. I'm just starting to find out about this picture of my father, Walter Boshko. He's in front of a sign. Can someone fill me in on the 2827th? I can tell you that my father was not an American, he was a Ukrainian, so I'm confused by this picture What was the role of non-Americans in the Engineering Unit?. Thank you. Steve