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    Sgt Joseph Szvetitz 20th enginers , 1340th company C

    Awesome to have a forum like this , yes I look forward to discussing this. Appreciate all your efforts,
  2. Hello, I am here on behalf of my Dad Sgt. Joseph J Szvetitz Jr who was in the 20th combat-engineers 1340th Company C. He participated in the invasion of North Africa, Invasion of Sicily and Omaha Beach on D-Day. He was captured in the battle of the Hurtgen Forest and broke out of a POW camp at the end of the conflict. While looking over his WW ll ribbons I noticed there is no CIB. From what I understand the CIB is available to be awarded to infantry. It is also my understanding that although they were Combat Engineers the 1340th were specifically deployed as infantry in the Hurtgen /Forest. I really would appreciate any information this group might have on this issue. Joseph J Szvetitz lll