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  1. seggleston

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    This is a panoramic shot from my phone. I will have to figure out how to get it scanned hi res for you guys. At the bottom is reads: Co. B 292nd Engineers Combat Battalion Camp Butner, NC May 19, 1944 Herman Webel 1st Lt. Commanding
  2. seggleston

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Last names (forgive me if I get spellings wrong as these were given to me a long time ago) Front row (L to R): Whittamore Schutz Copeland Oconnor Gilge Johnson Seagram Macari Dunning Marusama Rotramel Cooper Center: Perry Johnson Cook Howell Assimus Morrison Siegal Long Eggleston Gomaz Kobek Lavolis Third row: Titus Martin Pavalae Calvert Gonzebaum Belatt Walter Wagener Schilz Prochasta Larocco Trenary Richty On the back of my grandfather's picture are these signatures: Robert Jennings Samuel Morrison Lawrence Titus John H. Martin Garland Ritchie John Prochazta Floyd Cook Martin J. Kobach Keith Slagle Earl Perry Louis Gomez J. Cooper Bernard Kaplan Herbert A. Seagram Kendall J. Whittemore Harold W. Johnson John W. LaRocco J. E. Johnson Richard C. Long Charles M. Trenary Robert H. Calvert Gerald Schulz Arthur F. Walters Alfred Wagner John H. Pavelec Elmer Gilge E. J. Rotramel Arthur N. Schultz Jessie E. Dunning Absent - Tony L. Ferreira John A. Macari John Levolis Daniel A. O'Connor Charles Assimus V. Gansibom Carlton Shiller Harold Buenger Ralph Q. Hosley Kenneth E. Balch Edward J. Eggleston
  3. seggleston

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    Yeah. That's my grandpa. He got married just after this.
  4. seggleston

    292nd Engineer Combat Battalion (New Member)

    I don't know if anyone keeps up with this thread anymore, but I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Sam Eggleston. My grandfather, Ed, served in the 292nd with B Company. He never spoke of the war to anyone, including my father. All I have learned I did through some interviews with people my grandfather had served with, as well as some stories he had written to my grandmother while he was overseas. Ed was from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. There, he married Winefred (Morton) and together they had five boys -- David, Paul, Bruce, Mark, and Brad. Three of them still live on the same road that they grew up on, which is the road I grew up on. Ed's time in the military was never revealed to us other than his best friend during his time was Floyd Cook out of Illinois. My dad's middle name is Floyd in his honor. I do have a Co. B panoramic photo that I can see about getting scanned in if there is any interest, as well as another photo with a smaller group of men with some names written on the back. I really appreciate this outstanding thread. Well done, everyone.