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  1. SonofaMP

    Question !

    Me thinks your a little too young to be in this pic.
  2. The 342nd Engineer General Service Regiment was activated in April of 1942 at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana and sailed from New York to England in July 1942. Arrived In France at Omaha Beach 12 June 1944. On the 17th June they repaired the rail line north of Carentan then assisted in thr repair & reconstruction of the port of Cherbourg. Later the regiment played a major role in the completion of the Cherbourg to Paris Railroad. The regiment also served in the Ardennes ? Alcase and Rhineland campaigns. There is a book of the unit history, but you may have to search used book sellers to find a copy or do a WorldCat search to find it in a library. A History of the 342nd Engineer Regiment (General Service), United States Army Reserve, 1921-1948 United States. Army. 342d Engineers, Charles Harvey Roe, 1958
  3. SonofaMP


    I`m still recovering from my 4th heart attack and have continuing upper resperatory problems. There`s been more bad days than good days and the colder weather isnt helping. Spending most of of my time on delayed major remodeling project that needs to be finished before the roof gets reshingled. So i`m still here, still breathin (sorta) & will try to get back doing research in the near future. Larry
  4. Hi Brian, the 1175th Engineer Combat Group was organized about 1 January 1945 by the Delta Base Section at Marsielle, France from disbanded Anti Aircraft Battalions. It`s most likely your grandfather was first with one of the disbanded units from `42 until reassignment to the 1175th. From the records of Delta Base Section: "The 1175th Engineer Combat Group with the 367th, 369th, and 370th Engineer Combat Battalions were activated from the the 106th AAA Headquaters Group: 406th, 215th, and 74th AAA Gun Battalions and a cadre from 7th Army. A twelve (12) week training was started 8 January 1945. The training program is designed to provide units with Combat Engineer Training in preparation for an operational role as Combat Engineers."
  5. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    I got the Missing Air Crew Report for Steve Pisar, i`ll send it to you when i get the pages assembled into a .pdf He was a crew chief on a C -47, shot down 23 Dec 1944 on the resupply drop to Bastogne.
  6. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Just a quick note, research on this topic is continuing, just waiting for Jean to catch up and hopefully hear from some more veterans we are trying to contact.
  7. Wow, we are a little behind here. I want to wish our own proud veteran of the 135th Regiment, 34th Infantry Division, Roque Riojas, a very special birthday greeting. Thank you for your service & your continuing service for your fellow veterans.
  8. SonofaMP

    Happy Bdays to SonofaMP, Barbara P and John R

    Belatedly thank you all for the birthday wishes & kind words. Hey Todd, thanks for the photo of uncle Hoppy! ( actualy 17th cuzin, 14 x removed on wife`s side of da family )
  9. SonofaMP

    Looking for John Clemont Drimala (sp.)

    Hi Michele, we would like to send your grandfather a Thank You for his service to our country. I find nothing on a John Clemont Drimala using that spelling. Not sure if this who your looking for but there was a Clemont John Drymala, b. 1924 from Baltimore , Maryland, ASN: 33736403. Unfortunately Mr Drymala passed away August 28, 2008. Clement J. Drymala Obituary: View Clement Drymala's Obituary by Baltimore Sun http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/baltimoresun/obituary.aspx?page=lifestory&pid=116636883#fbLoggedOut
  10. SonofaMP

    3044th QM GR Co

    Hi Caleb, welcome to the forum. I trying to contact a source that may have the records for the 3044th, so please bear with us. There are some mentions of the unit and a great deal of the GRS operations in the Med Theater in the book: The United States Army in World War II, The Technical Services, The Quartermaster Corps: Operations in the war against Germany by William F. Foss and Charles F. Romanus You can download a copy at: http://archive.org/details/quartermastercor00ross or at: http://www.history.army.mil/html/books/010/10-15/
  11. SonofaMP

    First ponton across the river in Heidelberg

    To find who built the other bridges and when they were built, we`d have to obtain records for the XXI Corps and maybe the XV Corps and it looks like the 1150 Engineer Combat Group that was in support of 44th Infantry Div in Mannheim & then the 63rd Inf Div after march 28/29. The 263rd Engineer C Bn, organic to the 63rd Inf Div did not build any of the bridges across the Nekar before 1 April. There were 2 infantry foot bridges & a Ferry at Landenburg. The ferry was operated by the 289th Eng Combat Bn. In the operations reports of the 263rd Eng, an M2 Treadway bridge was completed at 2400 hrs 29/30 March but does not give its location, but it would have Mannheim or near Landenberg, not Heidelburg. The first and only bridge that i can find built on or before 1 April in Heidelburg itself was the Class 40 reinforced Heavy Ponton built by Co B, 555th EHPB.
  12. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    Since that entire book is available online for free you vant to buy it? another book that might be helpful is " Memoirs of Edwin P. Parker " by the Commander of the 78th Div. not available on amazon.com but is on a couple of booksellers: http://www.abebooks.com/Memoirs-Edwin-P-Parker-P-Author/1353217826/bd http://www.antiqbook.com/books/bookinfo.phtml?nr=1263087154&l=en&seller=ver
  13. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    From what we know so far, your dad & Guidry entered the 78th division line on the morning of 21 March 1945 contacting some guys in a jeep. The Sieg River was designated by General Bradley as the northern limit of the Remagan bridgehead. On 13 March the 78th`s line had reached Honnef, about 4 miles from the Sieg. The 78th reached the Sieg River ON the 21st establishing their line from the Rhine eastward to the autobahn. The north side of the Sieg was well defended by the germans so there would have no patrols across the Sieg and the units of the 78th would not have been close to the river in sight of german artillery, but back maybe half a mile to a mile from the river. So for them to see a jeep, they had to have crossed the Sieg. Wherever the farmhouse was, north or south of the Sieg, the farmer knew the american armies were coming soon and figured it was in their best interest to help the escapees. http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/USA-E-Last/USA-E-Last-11.html
  14. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    This is what a VI G POW number tag looks like
  15. SonofaMP

    Camp near Siegberg Germany?

    List of Buettner`s missions