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  1. SavageM1Thompson

    Free History of the 1051st Engineer Port Constr & Repair Group

    Hi Marion, I have attached the files. I sent a message to Ms Stewart who was looking for information on her KIA grandfather. She hasn't been active on this site for years. Do you have her personal email where you can forward these files to her? Thanks Keith Lineage and Honors_1051st EN Port Constr & Repair Co .pdf Meritorious Service Unit Plaque_1051st EN Port Constr & Repair Co .pdf 1051st_EN_Port_Constr_&_Repair_GP_Unit_History.pdf
  2. The US Army Corps of Engineers gracelessly shared the history of the 1051st Engineer Port Construction & Repair Group with me. Its a very through and interesting document that includes a roster of the men. I have 3 PDF's that can be emailed. Please send your request to kseafield@bellsouth.net and I'll be happy to send it out to you.