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  1. I am trying to piece together my Grandpa's time during WWII for a family reunion next summer (and my own personal interest). James Lewis Corier's Separation Papers indicate he separated from CO C 643rd Engrs BN. From this website I've learned 643rd was created from the 39th 2nd Battalion. (I hired a researcher and after a month he came back with that information, and it was on the front page of this website.) I have found some information about the 1st Battalion, but not a lot about the 2nd Battalion. I understand Battalions have several lower level units, so I would love to find out what his specific company, or platoon, or whatever actually did during the war. His separate papers indicated he arrived on April 27, 1943. Grandpa told me he had landed in Casablanca was part of the force that pushed back Rommel from Kasserine Pass (but that doesn't jive with his arrival date). He talked about landing at Salerno and Anzio. I think he might have been involved with the invasion of Sicily. I have stories and I'm curious where they fit in the grand scheme of things. I've look all over the web and this site comes up quite frequently. I've looked through a lot of posts on this site, but I can't tell what he specifically worked on. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. The research from the Maryland National Archives is back at work and responded. There are a couple different available reports listed - histories, Opn Rpt (I assume Operations Reports), Jnl (journals?), General Orders, and G-3 Periodics. Which is most likely to mention people by name? I already have the morning reports for the 39th regiment, 2nd Battalion, company E and F for Sept 1943.
  3. My grandpa's separation papers indicate he was discharged from the 643rd Combat Engineers, who were originally the 39th Regiment Combat Engineers 2nd Battalion. The papers say he has campaign credit for Sicilian Rome-Arno Naples-Foggia Northern Appennines Po Valley GO 33 WD 45 My grandpa shared stories about him being in Salerno and Anzio (not much more than he was there). Is Anzio part of the Rome-Arno campaign and Salerno the Naples-Foggia? Also what is GO 33 WD 45? He also had a Bronze Service Arrowhead and good conduct medal. Are those medals for being in the war, or are they for specific actions? I feel like someone else has asked this question, but I can't find the thread. Can anyone point me in the right direction? As always, thank.
  4. Thanks again. I reached out to the National Archives in Maryland, but with the emailed reply was they were furloughed as part of the government shut down.
  5. Theron, thank you for the explanation. I figured as much about the "good conduct medal". Your comment about that Anzio would have been given separate credit begs more questions. As I mentioned previously, the 39th Combat Engineers 2nd Battalion was renamed/re-organized into the 643rd. I have read a newspaper clipping indicating my Grandpa was part of the 39th which then goes on to recap all the activities of the 39th (from both battalions). Based on stories my Grandpa told me and timing of the reorg to the 643rd, I am sure he was at Anzio. Is there any other possibility? Do you know of a way to find out which battalion / company my Grandpa served in before the re-org? Would the 2nd battalion have earned the bronze arrowhead if they weren't part of the initial wave? Sorry my thanks is so late, I forgot to refresh this page even though it was open.
  6. Can you point me to your father's log book?  My Grandfather returned home from Italy August 13, 1945 and I would be interested to get a feel for what he went through.

  7. I'll take a look at the history section. I missed that and went straight to the forums.
  8. The link I referred to in my post was a link to a dropbox location. The researcher indicated these were the morning reports. Snapshot attached. I'm not sure which NARA facility he obtained these records from. I do have a quote from a researcher from the Maryland location.
  9. My researcher got back with me: There are actually three Reports included in the link: images 1-30 are the ‘Battalion-level’ reports. Since we don’t know your grandfather’s Company in the 39th, I decided to exceed our scope of work and located the reports for the two constituent Companies of the 39 Engineers, which were Companies E and F. Pages 31-63 are for Company E of the Battalion; and pages 64-95 are for Company F. I looked through the reports, but I'm not sure if they are morning reports. One page gives a general idea of what they were doing (training, building a staging area, recreation) and opposite page frequently has names and some notation which I can't understand. I only reports for Sept 1943, which is when the invasion of Salerno happened. My grandpa was a part of that invasion force. His separation papers indicate he is a demolitions specialist. Based on the morning reports and other things I've read on the 39th, I'm beginning to wonder if my grandpa served in a different until and only joined the 643rd for the boat ride home. Any suggestions of where I should look next? I'm going to start Google-ing demolition specialist, but not optimistic I'll find any but an FBI agent at my door asking about my web searches.
  10. I did reach out to the National Archives and received a quote for the unit history for 1943-1944 and the unit journals. I am waiting to see what my research comes back with to see if the information will be what I am looking for.