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  1. Mark Pendergast

    527th Engineer Light Pontoon CO

    Thank you! I'll send in a query as well.
  2. Mark Pendergast

    527th Engineer Light Pontoon CO

    I would love to have the after action reports and info on the 527 lpc mentioned by Robert Garcia. Let me know how to find them. Thank you. Mark Pendergast
  3. Mark Pendergast

    527th Engineer Light Pontoon CO

    I've attached a couple of accounts from the Battle of the Bulge and Rhine Crossing that I found online. I also attached my father's account of the war that he wrote in 1998 for his grandsons. Mark Pendergast Son of O.W. "Bud" Pendergast. 3rdArmyRhineCrossing.pdf George Kester - Give me the Jeep!.pdf My Father was at Rosieres.pdf 527LPC_as_told_by_Bud_Pendergast.pdf
  4. Attached are some of the photos my late father, O.W. "Bud" Pendergast took. I don't know any of the names or locations, but they give a sense of what life was like in the company. After the war ended he transferred to a harbor craft company, so some of these pictures might be from then. Mark Pendergast