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    I reached out to their old reunion organizer / sudo-historian.  If I get any rosters I'll share them with y'all.

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    Welcome to the forum. I can put you in direct contact with my 291st email list. I will do that for you today.
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    Hello, new guy here. Hoping to uncover information on my father, who enlisted in the National Guard at Cleveland Ohio, 07 JUL 1940, activated 15 OCT 1940. I have his WD AGO 53-55, which indicates he was with Hdq Serv Co, 291st Combat Eng Bn when separated 12 OCt 1945. Prior to that I believe he was with the 112th Combat Engineers, and sent to Ireland 14 May 1942.  I know that he eventually ended up at Saunton Sands, as he married my mother, a British girl, there in January 1944.  She is now 96, and has Alzheimer's, but from what she tells me, I believe he helped build the training center there, and was at Slapton Sands during Exercise Tiger. His address on their marriage license is simply "Newquay." I would greatly appreciate anyone who can help fill in the gaps.