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  1. Richard

    41st Engineer Regiment.

    Thanks so much. This is so helpful. 41 E B-1 The B for company B and the 1 for 1st battalion. That should put dads identity of his unit while he was in Liberia on the front bumper of the Jeep. Dads separation papers say 41st Engineer GS Regiment. Arm of service CE. COMPONENT ORC. Combat engineer unit commander 1331. Just in case this helps any My mom is so excited we are doing this. She will be 98 this summer. Dad died last summer at 98. Your help is sincerely appreciated. richards daughter.
  2. Richard

    41st Engineer Regiment.

    Thank you so much.
  3. Richard

    41st Engineer Regiment.

    Thank you. I hope so too. Thank you for all your help. Richards daughter.
  4. Richard

    41st Engineer Regiment.

    My dad was a Captain in the 41st engineer GS Regiment and was in Liberia June 1942, North Africa and Corsica. He returned to USA Ft Belvoir April 1944. He was in company B. While in Liberia his company built a fort, barracks, warehouses, water systems, sewage disposal, roads, bridges and completed Roberts Field. Dad had a Jeep while in Africa Dad passed away July 31, 2017 at 98 years old. My mom is 97 and is still living and amazingly healthy. Now for my question I need help with. My husband owns a 1942 Ford Jeep he is restoring. In honor of my dad he would like to put the appropriate ID on the bumper of the Jeep that would be from Liberia when dad was there. I do not know anything more than 41st engineers company B. Dad was a white officer in an all black unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. We would like to get the ID correct.