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  1. thank you, this is a start
  2. I have some information on my father. I have gotten some info from the archives in St louis but most was burned in that fire back in the 70's. His Separation papers (form 53-55) reveal he was on Task Force 6814 arriving Australia Feb 1942- and he served in New Guinea and received the Asiatic Pacific Service medal with 1 Bronze Star. (The Bronze star was a surprise to me- I never knew Dad had gotten a Bronze Star) I believe he was with either the 43rd or the 46th Engineer General Service Regiment but no documentation yet. Mom talked bout Dad being with the Engineers. He reenlisted in 1947- He also served in the Korean War and then in the 60's he became a CWO III and served at Fulda Germany - I believe with the 354th Engineers. Right now I am looking documentation his New Guinea service.