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  1. Thanks very much Marion. It'd be deeply appreciated. My uncle Teddy passed away a number of years back and never spoke much about the war (he was 19 years old when they went into Normandy) but kept all his papers, uniform, campaign ribbons, and so on. It'd be pretty amazing to see a photo or two of him should we be so lucky. His little sister (my mom - now 89! - still remembers my grandmother sitting in Ted's bedroom throughout the war where they had a map and pins trying to track where he was on the barest of information) and his daughter would surely be thrilled. -Steve H.
  2. Hi. I'm new to the forum and was hoping to see some photos of the 163rd. My uncle was in the unit and my cousin and I were just going through is ribbons, medals, uniform and so on. But the photos posted are 'photobucket' and I can't see them. Is there any other way to view them? Thanks much. - Stve