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  1. 1301 b

    Ah that make sense thought maybe company E
  2. 1301 b

    Found these on my phone from awhile back they tell a pretty good story .i wonder why the jeep had 1301e and one of his decoration says e when he was in b?any ideas
  3. 1301 b

  4. 1301 b

  5. 1301 b

    Just noticed bumper on jeep marked 1301E
  6. 1301 b

    I wish my photo scanner still worked that's what I used to scan him in jeep and i also have one somewhere of pile driver I scanned that you could make out the faces of men on it.
  7. 1301 b

    The typed page was one that was saved for me don't know the validity of it.
  8. 1301 b

  9. 1301 b

    Thanks I know there good I ate two coffee cans full a year I dint realize the recipe was to help him feel closer to home.Do you know anything about war chest donations?One of the stories that stick out the most is his first experience with dead weight a guy had backed a jeep over a land mine . His detail was to take the young man to a us military bury ground he said he never realized how heavy dead weight was until they put him in the back of a weapons carrier and he drove day and night to get the unlucky guy to a big trench dug with a bulldozer .whats amazing to me is that he made back to his outfit no gps map or communication.he said he just asked other outfits along the way where they were seen last.
  10. 1301 b

    The back of other recipes had the war chest on it wonder how they handled those funds?
  11. 1301 b

    Here is something I found interesting my favorite cookies were for the boys in service
  12. 1301 b

    Thank you for fixing camp Ellis photo it is almost 3' long ,it's strange that none of it remains years ago I turkey hunted the area he said when arrived there they called it tent city looks like a city in photo.
  13. 1301 b

    But as others may find offensive would you still like me to post it?
  14. 1301 b

    I will show those to him today but some where I had ran into photo copy's of speeches thanks so much I will right one down as he remberers and post it about hurrying to win war and getting home .
  15. 1301 b

    Can any one tell me how to easily get to the Patton speeches on here ,I ran across them but can't seem to find avian thank you