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    Forming a Rosie the Riveter Chapter here in Amarillo Texas
    Lotta work & Enjoying it All..!!
    vw's good dogs-(Aussies') good folks geneology ancient cultures languages Art Bell Oak Island. Ancient cultures & civilizations WW 2 History fishin' rodeo my horses..ice tea =)
    studying on my granpa from sicilily an my gram from ireland
    paranormal ..watching History channel nat geo.. Thing that keep your mind strong & active Just a lot of various things =)

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  1. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a167711.pd

    By nightfall on 17 December, the 2d Engineer Battalion, 2d Infantry Division, the 4th Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, along with the 35th, 44th, 158th, 254th, 291st, and a company of the 202d Engineer Combat Battalions were fighting as infantry