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  1. hello ever one 

    Happy Thanks Giving this week,,!

    Yes still researchin   the 291st as most here  are researching ..donatating their family histories..

     have joined the BoB Assoc. An also in some of the Battle of the Bulge groups To have at least a starting point an have a time line of sorts An Have been in contact with various Historians over in Beligum

    from All Yalls posts Its Amazing to see this History  that each  of the Soldiers  Experienced & Survived or Not,, & Ms Marion  to be there to help us along the way Thank you All..



    daughter of  William 'Bill Carr'

     291st Co B



  2. Thaank YOU!

    so i did read correctly the wee bit of an article3 on this !

    NOW eligible for this French award. Any previous military awards such as the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, etc. would indicate meritorious actions during combat operations. Copies of these documents should be forwarded with the request for consideration "

     Bill as probly many received the Bronze Star & Purple Heart 

    ..Copies of  Documents  what  would they consider? I have the  purple heart & bronze star awards that were of course   posthumously

    is there a Form or do we just 'write'..

    thank you so much for this page of information!