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  1. juskitty

    291st Engineer Reunion - 2014

    is there any further contact information for the 291st Co B..? thank You kitty
  2. juskitty

    291st Co B Combat Infantry 'Engineers 75th Div

    Yes i been thru several of what you have mention the ron.. im taking time off as a truck driver i hadnt much time to search here last few years, i even found a 1/2 sister born in scotland & we were friends for a while lol she was born in 47 over there as i could figure out when he was in the field hospitals of england he & her mother got together & was friends with her until her passin several years back... so its been an interesting road.. i started this when i didnt even have a computer all pen & page lol & help from a good nam vet counsuler friend of mine..
  3. juskitty

    291st Co B Combat Infantry 'Engineers 75th Div

    theron yes that is listed in there as well combat infantry... not sure as to why.. kitty
  4. juskitty

    291st Co B Combat Infantry 'Engineers 75th Div

    happy thanksgiving yall. been busy on my care boxes an cards for my soldiers.. christmas is such a real busy time as a team member of soldiers angels yes i have my dad's va file an it has the 75th div connected to the said company.. i guess the Goverment & army got it wrong according to what yall are telling me ...Interesting and have been tryin to find as to why he recieved a purple heart I know many men also got the bronze star which he did also..l have all his service medals... as a daughter i know he was in the battle of the aredennes battle of the bulge..& the colomar packet i always appreciate further info on this unit & the men in it.. kind regards. kitty
  5. juskitty

    Sergeant Vincent Consiglio 291st CE

    Hello Anthony. this is kitty fro texas My late dad was Also in the 291st Co B So your dad & Mine were in Same unit Im Also researching the movements as the battle of the bulge & the colomar pocket have no idea about that one.. as some of what i have read the the 291st didnt exsist in ww11 until later a make ready' have you run across that as well?