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  1. OH Awesome Sir! that would be great! i would welcome his input for sure! thank you kitty
  2. the 291st joined the 51st and 202nd Combat Engineer Battalions, forming the 1111th Engineer Group attached to the US V Corps. The group followed in the charge across France, rebuilding bridges destroyed by the Germans.

    December 1944 found the 291st sprawled across a large but relatively quiet sector in Belgium. Elements were stationed in Malmédy, Stavelot, La Gleize, and Trois-Ponts among other smaller outposts.

    The 291st received a Presidential Citation for its "outstanding performance of duty in action" for holding a defensive position against a German offensive from 17 December to 26 December in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge:

    So Now I know  a little more of the otherr Units they Blended with.

  3. Thank you Sir.. Ive done just that!! i appreciate you tho!! kitty =)
  4. YES! they Finally came In!!.. Now to unravel the 'start' of it all ... the History is goin to be Nothing Short of Amazing!
  5. Good Mornin ! Just checkin to see if ANYONE else is or is connected to the 291st Co B Engineers in this site> if you are from this Will you please contact me? thank ya kindly kitty
  6. Good Mornn everone!

    well have recieved ALLthe books  i posted on AND

    got my membership packet from the BoBA!

    And made a new friend from this website!


    yall have been great in your info & suggestions

    'So the journey continues'

    i sure appreciate yall !


  7. i recieved my packet yesterday fred! it has a newsletter & assoc decals an a welcome ! membership card im excited! this will help me a lot in my further research
  8. thank you ms marion.=) the case with my dads medals in them i made that out of pieces of cherrywood i SURE hope i find some one in here from the 291st an even Co B marion would be wondeffull! BUT im still Looking ! But since i joined the battle of the bulge assoc, prehaps i will i keep u posted!!
  9. juskitty

    OK these are what ive ordered

    thats ok i should have added that LOL
  10. Ok guys these are the books i have ordered to help get more of an insight to aid me on further research.. The Ghost Front: The Ardennes Before the Battle of the Bulge The Reich's Last Gamble : The Ardennes Offensive, December 1944 The Battle of the Bulge Beyond the Rhine : A Screaming Eagle in Germany Battle of the Bulge 1944 : Hitler's Last Hope Across the Rhine (World War II) think this help me get further along What think? & i Already have the vhs tape them damned engineers tks for any input, kitty
  11. Yes maam & sure do thank ya for adding me.. !! im learning little more than what i knew LOL i found these engineers pacthes & a pin so i will have them soon as well I do a little woodworking so ill be doin a shadow box for these items...
  12. juskitty

    OK these are what ive ordered

    LOL... Yes this> =) https://battleofthebulge.org/
  13. thats great marion! I Bet if he could he would thank ALL the Soldiers that were under him! But what a wonderful deal signed books! i been doin alot of reading about the 291st.. an have joined a couple of the web pages from our friends over there in normandy.. and the other units that were along side the 291st during that time thank you for your note!! kitty
  14. juskitty

    OK these are what ive ordered

    tHANK yOU! i research a little bit more to see where would be the best place to get an idea of what was & then what was,, I also talked to tracey at the BOBA an i can join there as a member since my dad was in there So im lookin foreward to this thank you ms marion =) kitty
  15. juskitty

    Question Guys =)

    I have 2 Engineer patch questions....1...I would like to know where on the uniform was a small 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" red w/white trim and white Engineer Castle worn?? What did it signify ???2...During WWII, the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion wore the 1st Army patch as their SSI. When the unit was re-activated for the Korean War, did they still use the 1st Army as their SSI?? thank ya.. kitty
  16. Thank You Sir Yes i bought the tape when it first came out here in Texas early 90's on the A&E channel here. because i knew from my dads va file he was in that unit. yes i been on well i cant recall now But Col pergine name is on them VA files Im bringing them back out tomm An re read as i did read in 1939 the unit he was in was in Alaska,, I have to figure out what they were doin there,,, lol yes they were my late dads thank you sir, I always appreciate further information =) kind regards kitty
  17. https://history.army.mil/html/forcestruc/lineages/branches/regt/0291rgt.htm Ok guys This is just One place i read See what is in the 1 st sentence? So let me know if yall would If the 291st want connected to the 75th why would they have this info? I guess im little confused LOl Sorry Guys BUT thats not the only place ive come across this info But im still researchin that.tks kitty Constituted 24 December 1942 in the Army of the United States as the 291st Infantry and assigned to the 75th Infantry Division Activated 15 April 1943 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Inactivated 26 November 1945 at the New York Port of Embarkation Allotted 21 February 1952 to the Organized Reserve Corps Relieved 1 March 1952 from assignment to the 75th Infantry Division and assigned to the 95th Infantry Division
  18. hello Frank this is the service medals i recieved several years back on my dad since i was only child & a replacement flag .Ok with further reading i have found that :The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion was one of the most decorated engineer combat battalions of the United States Army during World War II,[1] playing notable roles both in the Battle of Bulge and the Rhine crossing at Remagen. And Still researching Thank you Sir kitty
  19. Sir .. io think i have come across his web page & not really knowing i didnt bookmark it Now i know,,
  20. thank you so much Sir, i sure will..! i try to locate him on the web.. i Have heard your 'quote' at sometime in my life; but didnt know what it meant when i was younger kind regards. kitty
  21. juskitty

    291st Co B Combat Infantry 'Engineers 75th Div

    THANK YA MAAM.. I HAD BROUGHT THE VHS TAPE WHEN I WATCH THAT ON a&e BACK IN EARLY 90'Sthose damned engineers & thanks for the advice marion =) kitty
  22. good mornn from texas continuing search on the 291st Co B combat Infantry 75 th Div searching for any exsisting soldiers in this unit my birth dad was also in this unit an further info on this unit Thank you kitty
  23. juskitty

    291st Co B Combat Infantry 'Engineers 75th Div

    this a little sense as i have read as well div 75th didnt exsist at that time in ww2 so im thinkin wht?? can yall recommend reading as to have a 'start place'? i know bill carr my dad started at ft lost in woods mo Then i believe ft brecnkinridge was that last in the states when he shipped out Im research the 291st Co B An Who they were 'attached' to thats where i seem to have the most trouble as Sooo many Units i lose track as it is now i dont have a true starting point. thank yall kitty
  24. Thank You Frank I Would! no never there but just to ireland where my gram was from... im still researching as i have more time now to do so.. there was a page i came across from a gentleman in france i believe My dad passed when i was young So i never did know him so with what i have ive done the trials & errors to get there LOL Thank you so much! kitty
  25. juskitty

    New "Seabee" book!

    this is great! my late uncle was a naval comdr ret out of san diego he was a early member of the seabees recall him talking bout some of what they encountered will have to share this with my cousins thanks