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  1. juskitty

    Remembering the 75th Anniversary of D-Day Normandy

    Thank you Ms Marion..
  2.  a Merry & Blessed Christmas for all  here *

           ***  Nollaig  Shona Dhuit ***




  3. hello ever one Happy Thanks Giving this week,,! Yes still researchin the 291st as most here are researching ..donatating their family histories.. have joined the BoB Assoc. An also in some of the Battle of the Bulge groups To have at least a starting point an have a time line of sorts An Have been in contact with various Historians over in Beligum from All Yalls posts Its Amazing to see this History that each of the Soldiers Experienced & Survived or Not,, & Ms Marion to be there to help us along the way Thank you All.. kitty daughter of William 'Bill Carr' 291st Co B
  4. juskitty

    Looking for ANY Vets That was In the 291st,,

    good mornin ms marion & this is great Im never sure jus where i need to do these at! thank you for lookin out for us!! happy thanksgiving to yall !! kitty
  5. Ok .. i had read i think in the Battle of Bulge magazine i get as a member that the 'personell that fought over there battle of the bulge & the ardennes were 'Eligible ' for the Chevalier De La Legion D'Honneur..? did i read that right..?? can some tell me about this? thank you kitty
  6. juskitty

    the Chevalier De La Legion D'Honneur

    lol yes we did!!
  7. juskitty

    French legion of honor medal?

    thanks marion but reads the vet has to still be living so cant do it,, kitty
  8. juskitty

    the Chevalier De La Legion D'Honneur

    well so much for that!! bill is deseased as well Thank You marion no need to go any further,., kitty
  9. juskitty

    French legion of honor medal?

    Thaank YOU! so i did read correctly the wee bit of an article3 on this ! NOW eligible for this French award. Any previous military awards such as the Congressional Medal of Honor, the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, etc. would indicate meritorious actions during combat operations. Copies of these documents should be forwarded with the request for consideration " Bill as probly many received the Bronze Star & Purple Heart ..Copies of Documents what would they consider? I have the purple heart & bronze star awards that were of course posthumously is there a Form or do we just 'write'.. thank you so much for this page of information! kitty
  10. juskitty

    291st Engineer Combat Battalion Roster

    Could you share that list of names as well with me..? i dont know WHY its been so difficult to locate the names of CoB!! gee wizz! thank you! kitty
  11. hello Everone,,

    been way for a while...

    hope to be more active & continue the Hunt for The Unit Roster of the 291st Co B..Couldnt we just write to the base historian an ask??

  12. Hello Everone from Texas & Happy Thanksgiving! im kitty & here as i continue my research on the 291st Co B Combat Infantry Also Several years back the A&E Channel did a Doc on this unit & I Ordered the tape on it.. was entitled 'Those Damned Engineers' Im tryin to learn more the history of the movements of this divison the battle of the bulge & the colomar pocket as have some good books on this action,, But I work road construction drive a belly dump here & have 2 aussie furbys & my hobby is my 71 vw which i do all the mechanics on it myself horses' dogs good folks ice tea LOL thanks yall kitty
  13. juskitty

    291st Engineer Combat Battalion Roster

    I have not come across a roster yet for Co. B my dad was in.. Kitty
  14. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a167711.pd

    By nightfall on 17 December, the 2d Engineer Battalion, 2d Infantry Division, the 4th Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, along with the 35th, 44th, 158th, 254th, 291st, and a company of the 202d Engineer Combat Battalions were fighting as infantry

  15.  would like to Thank The Ones that have 'put up with me ' on the boards

    i apologise for confusing the issues BUT will be better i hope on further posts!


  16. i sure will i'll be pulling the back out today.. i sorry bout all the confusion But I meant well! Im just tryin to be more informed of the unit an im slowly re-learning bout it all \Now i have them books & they will be more insightful on actual actions.. first one im reading is first across the rhine
  17. juskitty

    291st Engineer Combat Battalion Roster

    Did this post in 2011 Ever find that Roster??
  18. the 291st joined the 51st and 202nd Combat Engineer Battalions, forming the 1111th Engineer Group attached to the US V Corps. The group followed in the charge across France, rebuilding bridges destroyed by the Germans.

    December 1944 found the 291st sprawled across a large but relatively quiet sector in Belgium. Elements were stationed in Malmédy, Stavelot, La Gleize, and Trois-Ponts among other smaller outposts.

    The 291st received a Presidential Citation for its "outstanding performance of duty in action" for holding a defensive position against a German offensive from 17 December to 26 December in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge:

    So Now I know  a little more of the otherr Units they Blended with.

  19. hello frank Yes on his VA file it shows in there where he was at..ardennes colmar pocket bob were the 3 main ones mm interestin bout the 75th i wonder why that was in there & even have col perkins on some of the paper work have to go back & re read paper work agin
  20. juskitty

    Question Guys =)

    I have 2 Engineer patch questions....1...I would like to know where on the uniform was a small 2 1/4" x 1 3/4" red w/white trim and white Engineer Castle worn?? What did it signify ???2...During WWII, the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion wore the 1st Army patch as their SSI. When the unit was re-activated for the Korean War, did they still use the 1st Army as their SSI?? thank ya.. kitty
  21. Thank You marion i was lookin on how to do as i also relize the situation,, thks so much!
  22. Thank You for asking * Its ok.. its that time of the year... thanks fred for the note ! kitty