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      If you would like to advertise on my VI Corps site, please let me know. However, all ads must be directly related to WWII. Are you an author? Are you conducting tours? Are you a researcher? Prices are very reasonable, for aren't we here to benefit each other? Looking forward to hearing from you. 

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  1. My thanks to Marion for her help in finding information about my dad. He survived two rifle wounds during WWII and returned to civilian life. He passed 20 Jan 1980 at the age of 59.

    1. Walt's Daughter

      Walt's Daughter

      Thank you. All part of a day's work. :rolleyes:

  2. 3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company

    Ha! That's were I got all my looks...er just kidding. Can't improve on ugly as you can see, hee, hee. Thanks again for your direction. First I will try to absorb what you have already sent me, then I will be in touch. Regards, Gator
  3. 3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company

    Thank you so much Marion for your help in this matter. I am so thrilled to have you contact me with info about the 3939 Gasoline Supply Company. My Dad was 9th infantry, attached at some point to the 3939 Gasoline Supply Company. However there are many questions as to the date in question [13 December 1944]. He was shot twice on that date, but where was he? Was he attached to the 3939 then or attached later on the trip back to England? I have discovered that the 9th infantry was near Duren on or near that date. But did the location have anything to do with him? Of course these questions are all rhetorical and probably will never be answered fully. But I certainly appreciate your assistance! This is my dad PFC Raymond R. Simon 9th Infantry, 3939 Quartermaster Supply Company. Before being shipped overseas Camp Wheeler, Ga.
  4. 3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company

    Thanks Captain. And my Dad said very little about his experience during the war. He was in the Normandy, France, and Rhineland Campaigns. You had to catch him in a good mood, hee, hee. He never told either of my siblings the story. It was good I asked. Thank you for your service.
  5. Hello everyone. Looking for anything anyone might have in regard to the 3939th Quartermaster Gas Supply Company. My father was attached to that unit during his tenure overseas. He was wounded in action twice while lying in a hedgerow firing at a German farmhouse. The Germans were firing from the basement at ground level. He got the first purple heart when they caught him in the left shoulder, and the second when he turned to crawl back to the medics. This one entered his left heel and traveled up his calf to exit just below the knee. The medics risked their lives to get him and take him to a rear area and into another farmhouse and down the basement where they layed him on a table and tended to his wounds. One of the medics spied a row of canned goods lining the wall and asked, "Hey buddy, want a pickle?" My dad said that was the best pickle he ever tasted. Maybe it was because he knew he was headed HOME.