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  1. Sorry for delay, I have been getting back into routine after a 2 week roadtrip with my 2 year old., I appreciate all your responses Randy! We stopped by the 45th division museum in Oklahoma City. It was an amazing museum! They said the thing over his right pocket was his Ruptured Duck pin. One of his collars, I believe his left, was his engineers castle. They said he would have been in the 45th (perhaps 120th engineers), then "transfered" to 125th just to be shipped home. They gave me a copy of the paper to request his records. They said it normally is a long game of waiting & resending. Said it was typically to get the "Destroyed in the fire letter" the first time you request. And suggested making copies & to continue to resend.
  2. This is the other document I found.
  3. Here is my grandfather's picture.
  4. Yes sir, that is my grandfather. When I originally searched, I could not find anything. And I was told, the fire must have destroyed. But I was searching using his correct birthday & middle name. But both his parents died when he was a young boy; he didn't know his "correct" birthday or that he had a middle name until he retired. Is there any place/database to use his army serial number to find any additional info.
  5. Thank you Randy! Date of induction: 8 December 1942 Date of entry into active service: 15 December 1942 Place of entry into service: IND STA Jefferson Barracks MO
  6. Hello all, I am trying to gather information on my grandfathers service. He didn't speak much of it. I found his separation paper. On separation papers he's attached to company a 125th Armored Engineers Battalion. I read on this site, that may just be the unit/group he left with and not served in. The separation paper had interesting info we didn't know: occupation electrician (078), marksmen rifle, and that he had some medals. The medals may have been standard: American Theater Campaign, EAME Campaign with 2 bronze stars, Good Conduct, & WW2 Victory. (He arrived EAME 28 Oct 1944) (He left for US 2 September 1945). None of our family knows where his medals are. But looking at his army photo he is wearing them. I never really noticed before. I always assumed the photo was pre-war. In the army photo he has the Thunderbird unit patch. Would the Thunderbird unit patch mean he was in the 45th? Any other suggestions ? Thank you.