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    360th Engr. GS Regt.

    I have tried to determine which Division the 360th Engr. GS Regt. was in/attached in April - October, 1944 without success. The unit was involved in repairing ports, etc. in St. Malo, Cancale, Brieve before moving on to Brest. My stepbrother was in that unit at that time and his records were almost totally destroyed in the 1973 fire at the National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, Mo. He is now deceased. His final payment work sheet prepared at the time of his discharge on 11-14-45 showed him as being in the 264th Infantry Regt. which was part of the 66th Infantry Division. However, part of that Division only sailed for England on 11-15-44 and the remainder on 12-01-44 and the 360th was not listed as being part of that Division at that time. That has left me wondering about his Division during April - October 1944. Hopefully, some reading this will have the answer. Thanks, Kirk Kkirksey80@aol.com