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  1. Christine and Dennis McClure

    Shared Passion Site

    We really appreciate your response. And I look forward to hearing from your friend. I'm not sure how raising awareness of the Highway and the lack men who worked on it became a crusade for us. But it has surely happened. And I suspect you, of all people, understand. I grew up, by the way, near Traverse City.
  2. Christine and Dennis McClure

    Shared Passion Site

    A couple of years ago my wife Christine and I were doing research at the Corps of Engineers History Museum at Fort Belvoir. The curator, Eric Reinert, suggested that he had helped another lady with similar interests and we really ought to contact her. You might be ready to guess that he was referring to Marion Chard. My daughter of the 93rd Engineers did, indeed, share a passion with the daughter of the 6th Corps Combat Engineers. Marion put up a link to our website, www.93regimentalcan.com and we put up one to hers. We've been checking in and enjoying this site regularly every since. And we're relieved to see everything back on line after the recent server problems. Chris and my website is dedicated to the three segregated black general service engineering regiments who suffered, sometimes died and always lived with vicious discrimination while they did their part to push 1400 miles of Alaska Highway through the Northern Rockies in just eight months in 1942. Our book, We Fought the Road, will be published by Epicenter Press early this fall, and we are going back to the road for a publicity tour in just two weeks. I contacted Marion today and asked her permission to share this post with you, and she graciously agreed. I promised her, and I promise you, not to fill your screen with promotional material. But if you are interested, we will be blogging on Facebook. Search for Christine and Dennis McClure and you'll find our author page with multiple links to the website. If you're interested, please follow us. We also have an author page on Amazon--search for either Dennis McClure or Christine McClure. And, of course, you are always welcome on www.93regimentalcan.com. Thank you again, Marion for your fine site and for this opportunity.