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  1. chcopela

    257th Engineers - WWII

    I was able to get in touch with the family of Mr. Nickerson that Marion originally posted a link to http://www.wickedlocal.com/lexington/archi...ond-L-Nickerson They were very nice and sent me photos of his uniform that shows 7th Army, XXI Corps. I am working on getting info from his discharge
  2. Hello everyone I am the Grandson of a member of Co.A of the 257th Combat Engineer Battalion. Any info that I can find on him would be greatly appreciated. I have his Discharge and Qualification records. I am looking for any info related to his time (7 months) as an engineer. His uniform was stolen when he returned home so I have no idea what his uniform would have had on it. (patches or insignias) His personnel records were destroyed in the fire so this is what I have. I also know that he was AAF before becoming an engineer based on his photo album.