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  1. Hello All!  Thank you for approving my request. I am currently researching information on my father, PFC Robert Sandor who was in the 1280th Engineer Combat Battalion - Company C. My father met my mother in Linz, Austria, after World War II. They were married in the Dom in Linz on May 8, 1948. Four months before my mother passed away, I found her private journal she wrote when she was 13 years old while she was in the League of German Girls - specifically, Country Service Year Camp (Landjahr Lager).  I wrote her biography "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth."  I attend the WWII re-enactments in Florida and the D-Day Conneaut, Ohio event in August. So many readers are asking me to write a historical/fictional/love story about my dad's service in WWII and how he met my mom in Europe.  Here is a picture of my mom, Gertrude and my dad, Robert, after WWII in Austria. 

    Gertrude and Robert Sandor.png

    1. Walt's Daughter

      Walt's Daughter

      Hi:  Was just in the middle of writing an email to you, when I saw you had posted on the forum. Wonderful. What an interesting history! Obviously, I can't wait to read more about your mom and dad. A great war romance!

      The book sounds fascinating. What better way to discover history, than through the eyes of someone who had been in the middle of all of it. I had actually seen a copy of this book on Amazon. And now I get to meet the author. Fascinating. 

      Oh, I have also been to Conneaut, with my husband. One of my WWII veterans, lived there and we attended the re-enactment with him. 

      Well, looks like we have a lot to discuss. I will post what I was going to put in an email, elsewhere on the forum.