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  1. These are pictures of George Edward Brannon "Ed" and some of his friends in Ft. Screven before they were shipped overseas. I don't have any information on any of the others except for their first names.
  2. Wee Willie

    Wee Willie

    I figured that they were the same then as when I was in the Army, and that there has to be something somewhere. I just have to figure out which unit he may have been in. I think that he may have been one that went to the Phillipines because he had a collection of coins from France, Belgium, Germany, and the Phillipines. I am going to post some more pictures here, and I wanted to add that my Father in law's full name was George Edward Brannon and he usually went by Ed
  3. Wee Willie

    Wee Willie

    These are some pictures that my father in law had stashed away. I am assuming that he was in the 1058th because of the pictures, but all of his records were lost in the fire of 1973. In the one picture with his buddies in a bar or something, George Brannon is the one on the far right. I have no idea who the others are. The picture where they are sitting on a dock or bridge, George is in the center front. I have a lot more pictures, and will probably post them later. Most appear to be official Army photos that were badly copied.