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  1. Bmcgugin

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Yes, I have the orders, I recieved them in the mail in Early July 1966, I was discharged 21 Jun 1966. I posted them on here once before but will post again. These orders included the Combat Engr's that were front line troops. Also included is the correction to my DD214 and letter. I hope this might help some fellow sapper that was awarded the CIB
  2. Bmcgugin

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    I have been fighting this fight for some time now. As a Combat Engineer during Viet Nam serving with A co, 1st Brig, 326th Combat Engineer 101st ABN Div. many of us were awarded the CIB I received the orders for mine after I was discharged (some 50 yrs ago) so this award was not on my DD214. I sent a copy of my DD214 along with the CIB orders to the military TOC for my awards and ribbons. CIB along with all other metals were received shortly there after. At this time I wanted my DD214 amended to reflect this award. It took a couple of letters and some time but just the other day I retrieved the amended DD214 that showed as MOS 12B2P Combat Engr I was formally awarded the CIB. I guess persistence pays off. If I can be of any help to other Combat Engrs please contact me. Bill McGugin
  3. Bmcgugin

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Marion, There has been several if not many precedents set, I've read several in here. My hope is that a few of my fellow comrades listed on the orders might be members of this site, or know of others listed that the CIB was entered on their DD214. who knows? That guy that said that a about your father, was/is a jerk, and saying something like that only shows that that fool was never in combat, and should just shut his mouth.
  4. Bmcgugin

    CIB's being awarded to com engs

    Dear Comrades 50 years ago on June 25, 1966 myself and 75 others of the Army's 1st Brigade 101st Abn Div, 326th Combat Engr Bn A Co. APO SF 96347 So. Viet Nam were awarded the Combat Infantryman Badge on Special Order Number 176 . I have the order that was sent to me after I was discharged confirming the award. See attached orders. Now for the story. I was an inactive member of the VFW for years. Finally becoming active after I retired. A VFW friend had asked if I had received all the medals that I was due, I hadn't according to my DD214. He was our Service Officer and explained the procedure. So I sent a copy of my DD214 along with my copy of the orders for the CIB to the TACOM office in Philadelphia, PA (my request #A2NBJ2Z2Z5NXK). In approximately 4 weeks I received in the mail all the medals that were on my DD214 along with the Combat Infantryman Badge that I had orders for, that was not on my DD214. The reason that the CIB was not noted on my discharge was because I was discharged June 21, 1966 and the CIB orders were dated Jun 25, 1966. OK, so now I have conformation of my war time medals and awards, time to get my DD214 corrected, right? I go through the process of sending all the information and document (this was done through our VA advocate in my area) to the Nat'l Personel Records Center in St. Lewis, Mo. I received their reply back, stating that they could not find the original orders, and explaining to me that my MOS (Combat Engr) did not qualify me or the others on the order for the Combat Infantryman Badge, therefore that award could not be entered on my DD214. I was told that I could appeal so that is where I'm at now. I explained in my appeal doc (DD form 149) that the denial was an affront, to our war time service. Was this just a very cruel joke played on us by the US Army, and the 101st Airborne Div.? Myself and I'm sure all the others on that Special Order Number 176 were and are proud of our service and hold the Combat Infantryman Badge, THAT WE EARNED, very dear. It is a consent reminder of our proud service and of those that did not come home with us. I don't know if we will win, but for myself I will wear that little badge on my 101st ball cap and on my old uniform with pride, I have the orders for that award, regardless of what the "Army Review Boards Agency's" determination will be. I hope there are forum members on here that wre on the same orders as I. Please feel free to contact me.