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  1. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    These are similar patches I seem to remember playing with when I was small. They were kept in dads bottom dresser drawer and he would let us look at them if we asked. I do not know what happened to them. I remember always thinking the one was a cannon with a lighting bolt but I see it is a tank track. I do not remember the number on it. I am pretty positive of the other one also. There were a couple more but I am having a hard time recalling them. Jack
  2. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    I have applied for Dad's full military record. These are the things we do have. Dad's DD214, a portrait of lieutenant Colonel James J. Kinsella addressed to my Dad or Grandfather (the name on the envelope did not specify SR or JR) I think he may have been a personal friend of dad's. Dad grew up in the San Diego Mission De Acala's "Nazareth House" known originally as "The Orphanage" after his mother passed away in 1928. My wife went to Catholic school with James Kinsella's grandchildren and they confirmed that they have the same portrait of their grandfather. They only know he drown in the early 50's during a military dive. A search I did came up with a James J. Kinsella from San Diego that was a WW II & Korea decorated flying Ace. The other picture is one of the only pictures we have of dad in his uniform. Dad should have been 19 to 21 when this picture was taken. The patches posted are the same as the ones mom had in dad's things. The "Black Cat" patch was in with them but I do not know if it had anything to do with the military. I remember about 1970 dad took some patches to the VFW 2082 post because people were trying to identify all the different patches the military had. One he put up on the board he stated "No one can guess this one because only eighty men ever had it" I cannot remember what that patch looked like. It may have been the cat patch? There were other patches that I remember when I was a child as I find pictures, I will post copies of them. Jim Phillips DD214.pdf
  3. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    Not sure how to post pictures on this site. Is there a tutorial on how to post pictures?
  4. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    We found something interesting today it Dad's stuff. It is a 8" X 10" portrait of Lieutenant Colonel James J. Kinsella sent by dads uncle, John Phillips in Ohio to Dad or my grandfather. Dad and grandpa have the same name but the address did not specify Sr. or Jr. and the postmark is missing so we are unsure of the date. On the back is James Kinsella's address in La Mesa, Ca. and his home phone number(It was a Heartland Number before area codes) James Kinsella was a WWII flying ace. It just so happens that my wife went to school with his grandchildren, and they confirmed it is the same picture they have of their grandfather. But both their father and grandfather have passed away, so they have no one to ask about this. I just seem to find more mysteries but few answers. We are trying to figure out if he was a family friend, or maybe a shirt tail relative?
  5. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    Randy thanks for the reply. Sometimes we just miss the obvious. That is his army serial number with spaces between the numbers. I must be getting old. The patches you show look like what I remember. I did find the blue patch with the eagle on the machine gun. It was the "Engineer Special Brigade" patch.
  6. itsnotyou

    Son of a 393d Engineer S.S. vet

    Thank you for the replies. Dad was an Automotive Mechanic 014, I am trying to figure out what the second echelon part means. Dad told me he was part of the engineers because he knew about cars and was building hotrods when he went into military service. I am trying to figure out if the 39 282 202 after his name has any real meaning. The things I remember was, he went overseas on an English ship and ended up in "Buzz Bomb Alley". He told me about being on the front lines and building bridges under fire. They had received orders to go to the south pacific two weeks before the war ended. Most of these short conversations were when we were watching "World at War" and happened more than 40 years ago so I cannot fully remember. Most of the patches that were in dads stuff have disappeared. I remember a triangular patch with a lighting bolt and a number, a round patch that reminded me of a flower then the blue patch with an eagle sitting on a machine gun that was on his jacket. Jack
  7. I am trying to find out about my father's military service. My children and grandchildren have asked questions I cannot answer about his military duties during WW II. Dad would rarely speak of the war. His name was James E. Phillips from San Diego California army serial number 39282202 on his separation paperwork is JAMES E. PHILLIPS 39 282 202 Technician Fourth Grade 393d Engineer Special Services Regiment. He separated at Camp Clairborne Louisiana 13 November 1945. He is listed in the roster of the burgundy book of the 393d that I have seen on line. I also believe in the picture of Company "C" he is in the front row all the way to the end of the row on the viewer's right. I have the jacket they are all wearing hanging in my closet, it was dad's jacket. I am just starting my search so in advice or info would be appreciated. Thank you Jack Phillips