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  1. Welcome Kent, glad to have you with us! I will be interested in learning more about your father, and his experiences during his military service. Like you, I have been amazed by all the information the members of this forum have been able dig up. Everyone here is so helpful, and it has been a great learning experience for me. I have spent the last month or two trying to dig up more information about my uncle from other relatives in New England, sadly with no success. I look forward to learning more about the service and sacrifice the men of the 292nd made, and more about your father. Thanks for joining! Steve
  2. Gary, Betty Crawford from Ancestry is my Mom!! I wish I could blow up that unit picture as much as you can!! From my limited look, I kinda thought that the man behind Haughton looked like my uncle. However, I cant get that picture to blow up enough to look closely. When I get a copy of the unit picture, I will look at it closer with my Mom. Apparently my Uncle at this time, looked just like my Dad. Thanks for all the information and effort, I do appreciate it!! Steve
  3. Gary, Thanks for the information, I did not have all of that. That is a picture of my uncle, and in fact, that is the ONLY picture I had of him as well. I have yet to get access to my Dads stuff, to see if he has more pictures of Charlie, so I would have to base any opinion of my uncle place in the unit from that exact same picture you posted. I would go so far as to say, the picture you posted is of better quality than the one I have from my Mom. Thanks again my friend, I really appreciate it!!!, Steve ps: I have reached out by email to Hampton House to get a copy of the unit picture over a week ago, but have not received a reply yet.
  4. Randy, No I don't have a copy of the 292nds campaign map. That is one neat looking item. How do I go about getting one? Once again, I appreciate all of your help. Steve
  5. Those pictures look great Gary. Hope I can get one myself soon, Steve
  6. Thanks so much for the warm welcome. I hope to be an active part in this community! Most of what my uncle sent home from his service before his death, was sadly lost in a fire in the 1950's. I am going to look through my Dad's stuff to see if he has anything from Uncle Charlie that I might be able to share. I currently only have 1picture of my uncle, which is a photocopy. I have already learned more about my Uncle, and his fate from you folks, than I had learned all of my life, so I thank you all. I dont even think my Dad or any of his brothers ever learned of how Charlie died. So I am grateful for that information Gary! I will definitely be looking to get a copy of that picture provided by Lisa, of the unit. It will be a treat to see not only my uncle, but those men he shared his service with. Thanks again, Steve ps: Yes, I was born and still reside in Ohio, between Akron and Cleveland.
  7. Hello everyone, My uncle Charles Crawford served in "A" Company of the 292, and died February 18, 1945. He is buried in Holland, and after my Dad's passing, I have been trying to gather information on his military service. I was pleasantly surprised to see his name on some documents already posted in this forum, and would appreciate any information anyone has on his unit. Thanks, Steve Crawford