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    info on 363rd and 369th Engineers

    Na, I don't scare that easy, remember I'm from and still live in Detroit!
  2. Jeff Thomas

    info on 363rd and 369th Engineers

    MMM, Liberated..... I knew that! Got it. Thanks all for the leads, I'll let y'all know what I find. You have a very nice site! Regards, jt
  3. Jeff Thomas

    info on 363rd and 369th Engineers

    Actually about 12 years ago I came into the possesion of a captured walther p-38. It came from a friend whose father had long ago passed away. He told me his fathers name, Charles Stevenson and only new that he was with the 363rd engineers. I found a listing at nara for him which confirms he was an engineer, but have never found any information about the 363rd. Regards, Jeff
  4. Hi, I followed Marions link from the Triggertime Forum. Have enjoyed reading Art M's Detroit memories. I grew up pretty close to the area he did about 50 years later. I also am looking for any information on an ww II engineer named Charles Stevenson 363rd?? Battalion? I will exhaust the avenues given in the forum before I request information formally. Collector/accumulator for many years. Regards, Jeff Thomas Son of Marvin Thomas 13th Armored Division Blackcat, WWII