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  1. Liam Collins

    The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Thank you very much, that’s really helpful and will be passed on the rest of the guys. I'm the tall guy with glasses and the mine detector in the pics.
  2. Liam Collins

    The Rugged Few - 36th Combat Engineers LHG

    Hi everyone, we’ve had a hectic couple of years attending shows and teaching the work of the amphibious combat engineers. People are amazed to find a bit of WW2 history they’ve never heard of before. I do have a question though regarding the seahorse badges on the sides of helmets. When we’re these removed as I’ve seen them during landings but later? many thanks Liam
  3. Hello, We're a small group of reenactors based in the south east of the U.K. We found that the hard fought history of US combat engineers was not being told in the U.K. unlike other units and so 2016 will be our first year rolling this out. We can be found on Facebook I'd like to thank those who run this page for the wealth of knowledge available at our fingertips and the work they do with the veterans truly inspiring. These are from our first photo shoot.