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  1. Very interesting find indeed Gary ! Thanks for posting. Randy
  2. Thanks Gary, thanks Marion, most appreciate it! It's been a labor of love. We have 101 names for Company C, still working on H&S but will post when complete. 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion Company C Roster.xls Have a good one! Randy
  3. Good morning everybody! Today I'm posting the roster for Company A. Have collected 144 names for Company A, more than any of the four companies from the 292nd. Keep in mind though that all the rosters are still a work in progress. Take care, Randy 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion Company A Roster.xls
  4. buk2112

    American Legion turns 100

    The American Legion was founded in Paris France on March 15th, 1919. Friday marked the 100th anniversary of its founding, Happy 100th Birthday!!! And a big shout out to all current and past members! https://www.members.legion.org/IMAGES/mylegion/officerMaterial/Speeches/American Legion Birthday.pdf Have a good one everybody, Randy
  5. Hello everyone. Today I would like to share the 292nd ECB Company B roster that I have been working on. I have updated it to include Sam Eggleston's grandfathers name but have not yet added the other names he has provided with the group photograph, will do this in time. Some notes about the rosters I have compiled, these names are men that have belonged to the unit at one point or another, does not imply that they spent their entire military service with unit. There are cases where some members were transferred to other companies within the 292nd, in such cases their names will appear on both rosters. The rank shown is what I have documentation for, their final rank at the end time of service certainly could be different from what is listed. I tried to be as accurate as possible, the information was gathered from multiple sources and I may have made errors in the final product, for any mistakes I apologize. If you spot errors or omissions please let me know, definitely want to get it right. Have a good one everybody! Randy 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion Company B Roster.xls
  6. buk2112

    Interesting Articles

    Remains of Army private killed in World War II identified By: The Associated Press   21 hours ago Army Pfc. William F. Delaney, 24, of Kingston, Tennessee, was killed during World War II. He was accounted for on Dec. 17, 2018, according to a release Monday, March 11, 2019, from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. KINGSTON, Tennessee — The remains of a World War II soldier from Tennessee who was killed in Germany have been identified, military officials say. Army Pfc. William F. Delaney of Kingston had been declared unrecoverable before dental and DNA analysis identified his remains, Defense Department officials said. Delaney,24, was fighting with the 4th Infantry Division when his battalion launched an artillery strike against German soldiers near Grosshau in the Hurtgen Forest on Nov. 22, 1944. An enemy artillery shell struck Delaney’s foxhole, and he died before he could be medically evacuated. His remains weren’t recovered then because of ongoing combat operations, according to a release from the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency. He was among hundreds of soldiers still missing from combat in the Hurtgen Forest when the war ended in 1945. In 1947, a local resident, Siegfried Glassen, found a set of remains that he thought were of an American soldier, and the remains were sent to the American Graves Registration Command. But the remains could not be identified and they were buried in Ardennes American Cemetery. Decades later, after an analysis of military records and AGRC documents, the remains were disinterred in 2017 and sent to DPAA for analysis. There the scientists used a range of evidence: dental, anthropological, material as well as mitochondrial DNA analysis. They discovered that the remains that had been designated years ago as “X-5425 Neuville” were those of Delaney. He was officially accounted for in December. The grave where he was interred as an “unknown” was “meticulously cared for over the past 70 years by the American Battle Monuments Commission,” the DPAA release said. Officials say more than 72,000 U.S. service members remain unaccounted for from World War II.
  7. Very sorry to hear of your loss, God bless. Randy
  8. buk2112

    Interesting Articles

    CBS NEWS February 12, 2019, 8:20 AM Wreckage of World War II aircraft carrier USS Hornet discovered The research vessel Petrel is perched on a spot in the South Pacific Ocean that was anything but peaceful 77 years ago. Then, it was the scene of a major World War II battle between the U.S. and the Imperial Japanese Navies. For the U.S. aircraft carrier, Hornet, it would be her last battle. Now, researchers are revealing Petrel found the wreckage of the USS Hornet in late January – exactly what they were looking for. The ship was found more than 17,000 feet below the surface, on the floor of the South Pacific Ocean near the Solomon Islands. The USS Hornet is best known for launching the important Doolittle Raid in April of 1942 and its role in winning the Battle of Midway. Richard Nowatzki, 95 now, was an 18-year-old gunner on Hornet when enemy planes scored several hits, reports CBS News' Mark Phillips. "When they left, we were dead in the water," Nowatzki said. "They used armor piercing bombs, now when they come down, you hear 'em going through the decks … plink, plink, plink, plink … and then when they explode the whole ship shakes." With 140 of her crew already dead, the order was given to abandon ship. The Hornet went to the bottom – three and a half miles down – which the crew of the Petrel has been scanning with a deep-sea sonar drone that sends back live pictures. Richard Nowatzki survived the Japanese attack on the USS Hornet in 1942. CBS NEWS The drone brought back an image of something down there that's about the right size in about the right place. It looked like her but lots of ships went down around here. To be sure, they needed positive identification, which they got when they saw the Hornet's naval designation: CV-8. "CBS This Morning" was able to share the discovery in real time with Richard Nowatzki in California – even finding the gun he was on during the attack. "If you go down to my locker, there's 40 bucks in it, you can have it!" Nowatzki joked. Nowatzki has enjoyed a long life since that day. Seeing the Hornet again and the evidence of the men who served -- a jacket hung on a hatch, somebody's wash kit complete with toothbrush – naturally made him reflect on those who hadn't been as lucky. "I know I've been a very fortunate man," he said. "The actual fact that you can find these ships is mind boggling to me … I want to thank you for honoring me this way." But it's the crew of the Petrel who were honored to find the Hornet and the final resting place of so many of her brave crew. Another wreck, and in turn, another war grave has been discovered. Its exact location is kept secret to protect it, but the memory now has a place and the loss has a memorial. © 2019 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  9. This is awesome Sam! Where is your grandfather located in the picture? Here is a picture posted on the Camp Butner Society's Facebook page showing the two other 292nd ECB panoramic photos on display. The Company B panoramic would be a great addition alongside it's 292nd brothers! Randy
  10. What a great photograph Sam, thanks so much for sharing it with us here. Going by the number of men in the scene it would seem to be a platoon photo. Having all the names and signatures of the soldiers makes it an even more special family treasure. I assume you have noticed from the thread that one of the men in the photo, Vernon Gansebom, just passed away this past September. There are quite a few names here that are not on the Company B roster that I'm working on, always nice to find new information. Thanks again Sam for sharing this with us and look forward to anything else you may want to add. Have a good one! Randy
  11. Hello again Sam. I did a quick look in the online enlistment database and was wondering if the following record is for your grandfather. Field Title Value Meaning ARMY SERIAL NUMBER 36451752 36451752 NAME EGGLESTON#EDWARD#J###### EGGLESTON#EDWARD#J###### RESIDENCE: STATE 62 MICHIGAN RESIDENCE: COUNTY 103 MARQUETTE PLACE OF ENLISTMENT 6262 MARQUETTE MICHIGAN DATE OF ENLISTMENT DAY 12 12 DATE OF ENLISTMENT MONTH 02 02 DATE OF ENLISTMENT YEAR 43 43 GRADE: ALPHA DESIGNATION PVT# Private GRADE: CODE 8 Private BRANCH: ALPHA DESIGNATION BI# Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA BRANCH: CODE 00 Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA FIELD USE AS DESIRED # # TERM OF ENLISTMENT 5 Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law LONGEVITY ### ### SOURCE OF ARMY PERSONNEL # Undefined Code NATIVITY #1 Undefined Code YEAR OF BIRTH 23 23 RACE AND CITIZENSHIP # Undefined Code EDUCATION 4 4 years of high school CIVILIAN OCCUPATION 316 Farm hands, general farms MARITAL STATUS 6 Single, without dependents COMPONENT OF THE ARMY 7 Selectees (Enlisted Men) CARD NUMBER # # BOX NUMBER 1084 1084 FILM REEL NUMBER 5.146 5.146
  12. Hello Sam, so glad to have you here on the forum with us! We certainly did have a good thing going on in this thread but I guess for now folks have lost interest. I still lurk here and still research the 292nd when I can. I have panoramic photos of Company's A & C and would love to have one for Company B. You probably have seen in the thread about the new museum at Camp Butner, NC (where the 292nd trained), I'm sure those folks would like to have one for their collection as well. I still have their contact information and would make sure they received one. I'm still keeping my eyes peeled for a panoramic of H & S Company. There are no rosters for the 4 companies of the 292nd that I know of, but I have been working on making some from the many documents and information that I have. Currently I have compiled 119 names for Company B. I did not have your grandfather's name on this list but will certainly add it, However, I did have a PFC Floyd G. Cook ASN# 36900233 which I assume is your grandfather's friend. I would be excited to have you share any photos or information with us. I still have much that I can share and would be glad to try and answer any questions that you may have. Have a good one! Randy
  13. buk2112

    Glenn Miller's plane

    Very interesting Marion, thanks for posting. I hope it can be found and answer the questions about the fate of this great American.
  14. buk2112

    Richard Overton passes at 112

    Rest in peace, thank you for your service sir