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  1. Well, the resolution is 7200x9600 and is thus scaled for an 18x24 poster and it should print with no issue. I had a question from someone wondering why I used 292d and not 292nd. I did it because in the unit documents that I have it was 292d. However, the map has 292nd in the body of the text so I created a second version with 292nd for anyone who would prefer that version. Gary
  2. How very cool! Thanks so much for taking some time to share some of your family treasures. Gary
  3. Thanks so much, Marion! Send me a direct message as you have a chance. A couple of questions... What is the text on the bomber crew photo and is there a relation to you of any of the men? What is the certificate in the center above the fighter artwork and is there a story behind it? I just love the stories behind photos, artwork, signatures, etc. as they make the history of the visuals come alive. You are the best, Marion! Gary
  4. Wow, Marion, that is so cool! Thanks for the info on Mr Leckey! Maybe his loved one will post more about his service? I'm sure everyone here would love that. Can you do me a favor? Any chance you could take a photo of the signed poster hanging where you have it up? I think it would be cool to see it in place as you have it hung. Until next time... Gary
  5. Alrighty, folks! Here's a little something to take look at and please feel free to comment with your opinions. Higher res versions are also available. Thanks in advance! Gary EDIT: Thanks to the graciousness of Marion passing along information concerning the poster and the soldier who posed (see below) for it. This version is in honor of Vincent Lackey of the 43rd Engineer Combat Regiment and all of the "Vincent Lackeys" of the 292nd Engineer Combat battalion and other units who sacrificed so much for all of our freedoms. Just normal "Joes" doing their duty for all of us. G
  6. You are worthy, you are worthy!!! Gary
  7. Wow, Randy, what a great idea! Proves my earlier point!
  8. I like it. Very earthy with good color combinations. Maybe a shade or two of green added to the browns may be wort a look. Great job with your upgrade, Marion!
  9. Meanwhile in the Pacific, the Stars and Stripes is raised on Mt Suribachi on the island of Iwo Jima. Here is the first flag raising, the smaller first flag being replaced by the second larger flag and the iconic Joe Rosenthal photo of the second flag raising.
  10. On this day 73 years ago Operation Grenade begins. The 84th Infantry Division begins crossing the Elbe River with support from the 292nd Engineer Combat Battalion culminating in March with Allied forces reaching the Rhine River.
  11. I haven't said this enough recently, but Randy Clark (aka Buk2112) is one heck of a guy! He'll selflessly help anyone with anything and the world would surely be a much better place if there we many more like him! Just my two cents worth... Gary
  12. You are quite welcome, my friend! It's the least I can do for all that you have done for folks in this thread and others on the forum. Glad to here from you again and look forward to continued contact. Gary
  13. I have worked with Sam a bit on this and we are trying to take it slow with him, but not too slow due to his age. After initial skepticism, I have verified what Sam has provided me which this man has sent him and everything checked out. This guy is legit and I sure hope we can here all he has to know about his service. Gary
  14. Marion, Could you resend an email inviting Mr Pysz to join us here on the forum and in our thread. It would be great to have him and here anything he has to add. You are the best, Gary