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  1. The "prodigal son" returns! My apologies folks for the long absence. Been taking care of my 101 year young grandmother (will be 102 on Thanksgiving) and things have been a bit complicated. So what's new with everybody? Let's get that 292nd fervor back as people pass and information disappears forever. Randy, glad your Pops liked the gift you gave him. That poster is wonderful. Glad I could assist all who have downloaded the image. Sam, how's our friend from Florida? Kent, that jacket is fantastic. What a family heirloom, my friend! Marion, I hope the book goes well! Until next time (and that doesn't mean months from now ), Gary
  2. So any idea what the significance is of May 19th, 1944?
  3. Interesting, but not correct. Remember, the bombing was in 1945 and the 292nd was still at Camp Butner in 1944. Now that I check myself I see I kind of screwed up on this... I meant to put the date of May 19th! What a serious brain freeze! The bombing did occur on April 18th, but of 1945 so maybe this is what got my lines crossed. As for the Purple Heart, the only possibility is to get to the St Louis Center to see if there is information about the bombing that could assist in this in unit morning reports. I've never seen the names of the 10 guys lightly wounded in that incident and getting that list would solve for sure if his part in the incident was documented. Getting there is just not in the cards for me at this time (taking care of my 101 yr old grandmother), but down the road definitely. Until next time, Gary
  4. That was a great story and I think about it now when I look at the poster. Thanks for sharing it, Marion! Gary
  5. Thanks as always for the kind words, Randy. It looks great and I am sure he will love it. Maybe you can take a photo of him with it and post it when you give it to him? Honesty compels me to say that with all that Marion does to empower and inform that she didn't actually provide the image. She's still my forum hero, though! Gary
  6. Thanks, Randy! I aim to please. Ponder this... what significance is there in the date on the cancellation stamp? Later, Gary
  7. I just realized that one of the stamps was actually used as it has a Postmark on it. Interesting... Gary
  8. Thanks for the kind words. Need to lighten the soldier's name a bit, but I think it is well on it's way. Marion, everyone deserves her day in the sun so to speak. Gary
  9. Here we go folks! Just another 'lil project I've been working on. Opinions? Gary
  10. Very well deserved, my friend! Have a great one! Gary
  11. Randy, Great story, my friend, of a true hero! This is why you are so valuable to all in this forum... you truly care about those who have served and sacrificed and are keen to spread the information you find to any and all others who are interested. You are truly a great guy for honoring these great men in the way that you do! : Gary
  12. Of course it isn't nearly as good as the signed copy of the non-modified original that Marion has... I'm still happy with it, however! Gary
  13. Say, Randy! As long as the printer you use does their job well then you won't be disappointed, my friend! Gary
  14. It's arrived! Now to get 'er framed! Gary
  15. Well, the resolution is 7200x9600 and is thus scaled for an 18x24 poster and it should print with no issue. I had a question from someone wondering why I used 292d and not 292nd. I did it because in the unit documents that I have it was 292d. However, the map has 292nd in the body of the text so I created a second version with 292nd for anyone who would prefer that version. Gary