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  1. Onaway417

    Terrible way to go in WWII

    I think the Russians were the only ones that used the magnetic mines. That's why the Germans began applying zimmerit anti-mine paste to their tanks.
  2. I just read a post by a person named Moose to Don Burgett. It's really kind of funny considering I just was thinking about the very topic he wrote about while I was in the shower. I read a reenactor forum frequently, and the topic comes up quite a bit: Should reenactors wear medals, or not? I have thought about it quite a bit, and have come to my own conclusions, and have my own ideas. One of the things that comes up is actual reenacting, versus living history displays. Some say no to reenacting, yes to living history, to give the full impression of what a soldier would wear. If it were me. I would not wear medals at all. No CIB. No good conduct. No campaign ribbon. Definately no purple heart, or valor-type medals. If I were going to do a living history representation using my grandpa as the basis of my impression, I would stick to the uniforms, equipment, weapons (where allowed) and stuff like personal items. To give the medal and awards information, I would take along my shadow box with my grandpa's medals and ribbons, so people could see what he was awarded. I could not bring myself to wear ribbons or decorations that I did not earn. It would creep me out. I have too much respect for what vets have done to protect my freedom to even think of wearing what they died and suffered for. Now keep in mind that I am NOT saying that those that do wear medals and such for living history and so on, are disrespectful, or slighting vets in any way. This is merely my opinion. Anyway, this is just something I was thinking about and tought I'd throw it out there for you all to ponder.
  3. j3rdinf, I reread your post and didn't even see where you had written Berchtesgaden. That's why I was asking if it was spelled correctly. And the 101st quip was just as waltsdaughter said. Because of Band of Brothers, everyone thinks the 101st 506th E Co. got there first. Fortunately for those of us who get our history from history books, or better yet, from those that have lived it, we know who got there first... The Rock of the Marne! Sorry if you took it wrongl, as you are definatly one of the greatest people I know (even though it is only on-line )
  4. j3rdinf, Is that Berchtesgaden (sp?) If so, it was awful nice of the 101st to let you take that photo
  5. Onaway417

    WW 2 vets left

    As a few of you know, I never knew my grandfather. He died in '63 of a heart attack. I was about eight months old. Everything I have learned about him came from my pop or my uncle and a lot of research. I think that is why I really enjoy talking to you vets here, and the ones I know in person. I, for one, have never looked on generations that are older than me as a nuisance, or anything, like some of us younger folks do (42 is young compared to some I guess ) and I enjoy listening to what you have to share, whether it be wartime memories, or general life experiences. One vet in my church is always giving me poems and the like that he has written, and I gobble up each one. He has told me his stories time after time, and I enjoy them everytime he repeats them just as much as the first time I heard them. Basically, since I kind of look at you all as surogate grandparents, I hope you guys and gals are around for quite some time to come.
  6. Onaway417

    Replacement Battalions

    Thanks, guys. I am hoping that there was some sort of paper trail linking things together. I'll find out soon enough I guess; I mailed my form in to NARA yesterday. When I requested my last morning reports I got an answer pretty quick.
  7. Onaway417

    Replacement Battalions

    I was looking over some morning reports I obtained from NARA concerning my grandpa and the 417th Inf Reg, and I noticed that it states that he was transferred from the 53rd Replacement Battalion to the 417th Inf Regiment. On another morning report, he was transferred from the 417th to the 54th Rplacement Battalion. With this info in mind, I figured I could continue filling in the blanks concerning his record. Did the Replacement Battalions use morning reports like the regiments did? If so, I think I can find out what unit he went to from the 54th Repl. Batt.
  8. Onaway417

    Personal Weapons Maintenance

    I'd be interested to see that list. I am getting ready to order some 30.06 from the CMP, so all the info I can get would be helpful. Plus it would be just plain interesting...
  9. Onaway417

    Personal Weapons Maintenance

    Excellent info people. Custerman, it was my sons first time shooting the M1. I have actually been shooting for quite a while. All milsurps, so I learned about corrosive ammo early on. My rule of thumb is trat all ammo as if it is corrosive. Part of the fun for me is cleaning it up when I get home from the range. One thing that I do that has proved wuite effective in inhibiting rust and keeping the bore shiny is giving the warm barrel a squirt or two of Windex with ammonia, and letting it run down the bore. I dry the outside off and clean it up good with Hoppes No 9 when I get home. The ammonia neutralises the corrosive elements of the rounds. All of my rifles' bores look better than the day I bought them, due to my diligence. I got to pondering my original question, as I said, after shooting the other day. I was thinking about grandpa, and the fact that his unit was on the move at a rapid pace during the last months of the war. I guess they took every opportunity to grab a bite to eat, and keep the equipment functioning properly.
  10. Onaway417

    Personal Weapons Maintenance

    I went shooting with one of my sons today (his first time shooting the M1 Rifle ) and started to wonder about how often weapons were cleaned. I know there are probably a ton of variables concerned, but how often did you guys clean your weapons? Was it a quick run through of a patch, or did you break it down and clean it whenever you had the chance?
  11. Onaway417

    Willie and Joe

    Hey Joe, if you have an Office Depot in the neighborhood, you can get a decent binding job done pretty cheap. It'll make it more like a book. I had my preliminary booklet about my grandpa bound at Office Depot, and it worked out great. I even sent one to my uncle. By the way, I work at Office Depot, so I know the work is top notch...
  12. Onaway417

    What Happened to Your Uniforms?

    I got replacement medals for my shadow box from Ebay. I took a little while and got mostly 1946 dated boxes with the medals and ribbon bars in them. The medals could be from just about any time and put in a '46 dated box, but it's just for my display.
  13. Onaway417

    Pics of Grandpa

    I know what you mean and I'm only 42...
  14. Roque, I feel horrible. This is the first that I have noticed this message. You have my condolences. I know what it feels like to lose a loved one. Hang in there and you are in my prayers. Again I am so sorry I didn't notice this sooner. Brett
  15. Onaway417

    Toyko Rose

    Very interesting article. I always thought she was a traitor, cut and dried. This definitley sheds new light on the subject.